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Monday, March 26, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 4

If no marriage counseling was done does that make the marriage valid? What about if there was no parent consent form sign either?

Marriage counselling and parental consent are Marriage Requirements. It simply means that you can't get married if you have not completed all the marriage requirements. Of course, it depends if you are required.

hi! tanong ko lang, do you think it's possible na after we get a judge from the raffle pwede i-set ang wedding date within the same week? thank you.

It depends on the availability of the judge. But you can always ask and negotiate. Otherwise, you are dependent to the judge's availability.

tanong ko lang if you have an idea in my case. Im late registered and its quite complicated because I had also different family when I was in Elementary and right now im having problem with documents becuase of different identity. My family is different now. Please if you have an idea.. or anyone have an idea regarding with that.. thank you so much..

I have friends who have the same problem as you. What my friend did is file an affidavit (honestly, I don't know what the correct term form is) that Person/Name A is the same as Name/Person B. Until now it is still in processing stage. He does not know when it will end. But as what I've heard, it is better to just follow the name that is written in your NSO Birth Certificate.

hello, where do you think is easy to marry, in Philippines or Berlin?

Based on my experience, in the Philippines. Why? You don't have to go through the long process of getting a fiance visa. Once you are married (in the Philippines), you only have to file a spouse visa (which only took 5 months in my experience).

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