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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 11

Anonymous said...

ang DFA ba or NSO ay pwde magtranslate ng German documents into English translation?? like for example ng Certificate of Livebirth and Divorce paper???please help me..pra di na kami mahirapan magpdala sa germany...
Hi Ms. Arn,
The DFA or NSO do not have a translation service. You need to go to a certified translator to do that.

Anonymous said...
hello po.. we married last sept. 2010..kukuha sana ako nang NSO copy nang marriage contract namin pero ang sabi nang secretary hindi pa daaw na endorse sa nso? pwede po un? kasi po pagka alam ko after nang marriage dapat po i endorse.ngayon ko lang nalaman so hindi pa sya naffile sa NSO..Does it mean wla pa kming file sa NSO that we are both married?11mons na ang nakakalipas pwede pa rin bang magfile nun sa NSO?pinabayad po ako nang 750 nang secretary nang judge na nagkasal samin totoo po ba un na may bayad mag pa endorse sa NSO?please help me.
Hi Anonymous,
Your Certificate of Marriage will be endorsed at the NSO after your marriage. But it is endorsed by batch maybe like by date of marriage. This procedure is not a problem if you and your spouse are both Filipinos. If you want to be with your spouse in Germany or any foreign country and you need to speed things up for your VISA, you must endorse your Certificate of Marriage immediately and personally at the NSO. In my experience, I went to the local NSO office at Cebu City and submitted the documents personally.
When your paper is endorsed, it will be put inside the NSO database. This means that your document is being archived not just in your local government for example in my case, not just in Cebu but archived in the Philippine documents database or archive. The duration of the paperprocessing usually takes about 1-2 months.
Just try to do a follow-up at your local office. Perhaps they have missed your paper.

Anonymous said...
hello po,tanong ko lang pag nag file ng marriage contract sa nso kailangan ba mag dala ng mga requirements gaya ng legal capacity kasi german yung hubby ko,hope you can help me with my question
Hi Anonymous,
I believe your are referring to endorsing your Marriage Certificate to the NSO.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 10

Anonymous said...

hi this is mitch...ask ko lang po during sa pag fill-up ng form sa marriage license or certificate, ano po ba talaga ang dapat sundin if yong name nya has a character of german letter? like ä, ö, etc. Do I need to write it that way? or using ae instead of ä and oe instead of ö?
I know same lang sila ang concern ko lang baka maquestion kung bakit iba yong spelling nila... hope to hear from you ..thanks
Hi Mitch,
In my opinion, if the name has umlauts (äöü), use ae, oe and ue since we don't use these characters in the Philippines. Please note that this is just my opinion and it is best to ask the officer, what the correct way is.
I hope this helps.

one month na akong married to an australian national, looks like i need another option just to speed up the process...about endorsing the marriage certificate personally sa NSO. just want to make it clear, kung kailangan bang may dalang endorsement letter from the local civil registrar together with the ordinary marriage certificate? or pwedi na ang ordinary marriage certificate alone.?
Hi Anonymous,
Please read this post:
What I submitted was the Marriage Certificate that I, my better half, witnesses and the judge signed during our Civil Wedding. In my case, I did not submit an endorsement letter and it took 1 to 2 months.
I hope this helps.

hello, we married last Feb. 2010..i have read above that we must submit the copy of our contract to NSO,ngayon ko lang nalaman so hindi pa sya naffile sa NSO..Does it mean wla pa kming file sa NSO that we are both married?6mons na ang nakakalipas pwede pa rin bang magfile nun sa NSO?im just bothered na baka walang bisa yung kasal namin..pls help me what to more thing, nagfile ako sa SSS pra magpachange status pero hindi nila inaccept un photocopy ng license na ibinigay sa amin..kailangan daw ng tatak galing NSO..hindi ko alm kung anong tatak yun,pagdating sa NSO ang sabi sa city registrar daw un tatak,pagdating sa cthall, NSO daw ang magtatak..naguguluhan lang ako..binigyan kami ng copy ng license but then hindi rin pala sya valid..pero sabi naman ng officiating minister na nagkasal registered na dun license namin...pls help us...thanks in advance..
Hi Anonymous,
You have to endorse your marriage certificate first:
Once it is endorsed, you can then get your NSO Marriage Certificate.
Don't worry, it does not mean that your marriage is not official or "invalid".

ask lang po filipina working in Brunei,and my fiance a german citizen were planning to get married this coming august..and is it possible all the reuirements for marriage ay maakomplish na yan before our prospect dat eof marriage?kilangan ko pa bang ipa red ribbon and birth cert (frm NSO),and CENOMAR(from NSO)?kci my fiance he just asking me only 3 deocuments to seND him by courier like 1.CENOMAR 2 BIRTH CERT.3 PHOTO COPY PASSPORT( MUST BE SUGNATURE TO GERMAN EMBASSY IN BRUNEI ? SINCE IM HERE IN BRUNEI)..KASI YAN LANG DAW ANG HINIHINGI NG CITY HALL NILA .. so hindi ko na kilangan ipa red ribbon cenomar at birth? sana po matulungan nyo poa ako kci naguaguluhan tlga ako sa mg arequirements at ano ba dapat kung gawin orderly....step by step..thnx po....

Hi Anonymous,
Please read these posts:

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 9

Anonymous said...
Dear Sir/Madam,


How to process online my marriage certificate or secpa I just married on December 28, 2004 at Zamboanga city.please advice me to my email

Thank you so much,
Hi Beth, you have to endorse your marriage papers first. Please read this link:

Anonymous said...
I have a question...I got marriage license in Quezon City Hall then got married in Manila city hall last Feb.11,2010.And I'm requesting a NSO copy of the marriage certificate to send to my spouse a Japanese National for him to register our marriage to the city in Japan.But someone suggested to get an endorsement from the LCRO of Manila City Hall.But when i asked how long it will take they said 5 day.Then after 5 day I can get the copy after 2 week.They talking about Marriage cert.SECPA w/NSO authentication.My worry is my marriage with my spouse can only register in Japan within 120 day.Can someone help me how to speed up the processes of getting Marriage Cert w/NSO authentication.I already got the copy of marriage cert from city hall.But I really to have copy from NSO to send to my spouse.Any suggestion is welcome and appreciated.Thanks
Hi Anonymous, I believe you have already endorsed your marriage and that you already have an NSO copy. And I also believe that you are referring to the DFA authentication or the Red Ribbon. In my experience, the red ribbon from DFA took 3 weeks and I asked help from an agency to do this. For more info please read this:

Anonymous said...
hello,i just want to asked,im married to a german national 3 months ago and im planning to apply for a german passport allready. does it mean i will give up my philippine passport? or can i avail dual? and what are the requirements needed for applying german poassport? thanks!
Hi Anonymous, you cannot apply for a German passport yet. I believe you are referring to German Spouse visa. For more info, please read this link:

Anonymous said...
I have a US passport and married to a military (US) in Germany. My sister died recently in the Phils and they need an authenticated marriage certificte from NSO to process my sister's GSIS.
What do I need to do to expedite the process?
Hi Anonymous, I am sorry to hear your loss... And I am sorry also to tell you that I have no experience in this matter. God bless you.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 8

aivy said...
regarding DHL authentication, how do they process the documents. can you please give me more info about this, thanks.
Hi Aivy, it is not DHL authentication. It is DFA Red Ribbon. For more info, please read this link:

Anonymous said...
hi if after i endorse my marriage certificate at NSO when i can get my marriage certificate at NSO?
Hi, endorsing your marriage certificate at NSO usually takes about 1-2 months. For more info, please read this link:

Anonymous said...
Hello, i married last May 2009 and last July 1, i tried to get an NSO copy at NSO Cebu but the personnel there said that it's still too early for me to get a copy since i just married a month ago. She advised me to endorse my marriage certificate to their office and after endorsing, another personnel said that i can have a copy of my NSO married certificate a month after filing.
Hi, please read my answer above. 

Anonymous said...
This website really help! Thanks to u. I just got one question, did u change ur passport? I mean use ur husband name before u got visa?
Yes, it is better that you already have a passport with your husband's name on it so that it will be consistent with all your marriage papers. Though I believe that if you still have a passport with your maiden name on it, it should be fine considering you have all the supporting documents. But it is better to call immigration or the German embassy just to be sure. As for me, I changed my passport name before I flew to Germany.

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 7

Anonymous said...
hi .any body can help me for my Birth cert.and marriage cert.for red ribbon in DFA?how much po un?how many days taken before i recieved?thanksssssssss..
I hope you have read this message from another commenter:
just go to DHL, much easier, no need to worry if your important docs will be lost, tested na po yun, lahat ng docs ko, elementary, high school, college, nso, police clearance, PRC, certificate of employment were processed by DHL. Subrang mura pa, 1,900 is too much, natatawa lang ako, you've been robbed definitely. Lahat ng kaklase ko DHL na pumunta.,

Anonymous said...
kung magpa red ribbon po ba s high school diploma san po mag diretso na office??meron din ba dito s davao nyan?o need to travel to manila pa??pls rply po..thanks
Same answer as above, I hope you have read this message from another commenter:
just go to DHL, much easier, no need to worry if your important docs will be lost, tested na po yun, lahat ng docs ko, elementary, high school, college, nso, police clearance, PRC, certificate of employment were processed by DHL. Subrang mura pa, 1,900 is too much, natatawa lang ako, you've been robbed definitely. Lahat ng kaklase ko DHL na pumunta.,

Anonymous said...
meron po bang expiration ang mga pinared red ribbon na documents? salamat po!
I checked my birth certificate with Red Ribbon but there is nothing written about expiry. I am not sure but most probably it depends on what document it is.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 6

my birth certificate is wrong, my moms middle name is Dizon but its written Bautista they already use my Dad's lastname.. so parang magkapatid lang sila..

Meron na po akong affidavit na nagpapatunay na si Bautista at Dizon ay iisa lang.. Na xa un mom ko.. its been notarize already. ask ko lang kung need pa pong i pa red ribbon?

I am no expert regarding this case. But in my opinion, I believe a red ribbon is necessary because we are talking about names here. Germans are strict and its better to have all the necessary papers ready especially if they ask you about name errors like in your case.

Hello! My brother wanted to get married in Italy with his gf which is filipina also, he wanted me to have their documents in red ribbon, is it needed to include their baptismal and confirmation cert. be red ribbonized? Do i need to have an authorization from them? Thank you and hope to hear your advise....

I have no experience on this. In my opinion, ask the local Italian office what papers they need to have a red ribbon. This way you can save money and you can make sure which papers you need to have a red ribbon.

hello,im processing my citizenship here in turkey but i need red ribbon from my friend can procees in dfa?is it need authorization from me?

No experience in this case. In my opinion, if a person is processing any paper for another person, you always need an authorization letter. This is for security reasons.

Hi, I would like to know if the family status certificate is really needed for the application of marriage in the Philippines , where will I obtain this certificate? My fiancee is a German national, he told me to to secure this certificate...where will i get it? I hope you can answer my question and help me... thank you very much, HEDI

Hi Hedi, I believe you are referring to CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage. Which means you are still single. You can get this from NSO.

Hi,I am planning to get a red ribbon authentication from the DFA.But my name in my marriage certificate is spelled wrong...,can i still use it as my supporting document since I have my birth certificate corrected already proving that corrections have been made.With my B.C. corrected..,need I still get an affidavit?Hope to get a prompt and favoreable response from you.Thank you and More Power!!!

I am no expert in this case. But in my opinion, as I have said above, you should all the necessary papers ready when local officials ask you about your name inconsistency. Your name is your identity. One small error even if it is only 1 letter will give you problems when processing papers.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 5

Anonymous said...
Hallo.Guten Tag! .Im Melody from davao just want to ask I'm now getting my documents para sa visa application ko. I and my fiancee plan to get married there... What are the papers should i send to him.. Hope to hear from you!!!
Anonymous, please read these links:

Anonymous said...
i just want to ask wht is the colour of transcript of record
Anonymous, it depends on the school or university. My Transcript of Record has the text in black with green background of our university's logo and name.

Anonymous said...
i need to get my NSO birth certificate with the DFA red ribbon but im in abroad, what should i do...
Anonymous, some travel agencies in the Philippines offer this kind of service. I got mine with the help of a travel agency in Cebu.

Anonymous said...
wanna ask does a red ribbon has an expiration date???
i had my requirements in red ribbon for almost a year...and i wanted to apply abroad, is it still valid?
Anonymous, my Document with the Red Ribbon does not have an expiration date. So I say no, it does not expire. But please also ask other people.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 4

If no marriage counseling was done does that make the marriage valid? What about if there was no parent consent form sign either?

Marriage counselling and parental consent are Marriage Requirements. It simply means that you can't get married if you have not completed all the marriage requirements. Of course, it depends if you are required.

hi! tanong ko lang, do you think it's possible na after we get a judge from the raffle pwede i-set ang wedding date within the same week? thank you.

It depends on the availability of the judge. But you can always ask and negotiate. Otherwise, you are dependent to the judge's availability.

tanong ko lang if you have an idea in my case. Im late registered and its quite complicated because I had also different family when I was in Elementary and right now im having problem with documents becuase of different identity. My family is different now. Please if you have an idea.. or anyone have an idea regarding with that.. thank you so much..

I have friends who have the same problem as you. What my friend did is file an affidavit (honestly, I don't know what the correct term form is) that Person/Name A is the same as Name/Person B. Until now it is still in processing stage. He does not know when it will end. But as what I've heard, it is better to just follow the name that is written in your NSO Birth Certificate.

hello, where do you think is easy to marry, in Philippines or Berlin?

Based on my experience, in the Philippines. Why? You don't have to go through the long process of getting a fiance visa. Once you are married (in the Philippines), you only have to file a spouse visa (which only took 5 months in my experience).

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 3

" Hallo poh.Guten Tag. ask ko lang sana kong kailangan paba ng embassy and signature or personal apperance ng hubby ko kapag mgpapa translate ng Legal Capacity of marriage?Balak kasi ng bf ko na ipapadala niya tapos ako nlng ang mgdala sa LCM don sa embassy para sa Consular Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage...I need some info..danke "

The German fiancee/fiance should have the documents (from the Filipino fiancee/fiance)Translated to German by a Certified Translator. In my experience, we did the processing of the papers ourselves.

"hello i just want to ask what is affidavit of civil status?because when i got to NSO i ask that and they said that its also CENOMAR..are they the same??and do i still have to get a parental advice even im already 27 years old..kisndy email the answer to

thank you,i really appreciate it."

Affidavit of Civil Status is a document stating that you are single.

CENOMAR means CErtificate of NO MARriage. This is another you have to get from the NSO. - For ages 18-24, appearance of both parents, with valid ID for parental consent or advice.

"hello, ask ko lang kung meron agencies na nagpaprocess ng legal capacity to marriage sa GERMANY?My fiance is german national but he's living in spain.Pinakuha nya ko tourist visa but unfortunately the spanish embassy refused it.Is there somebody who can help us? thanks and best regards, marisce"

Let your fiancé ask the German Office if there is an agency. I believe that is more convenient.

"Hello! I am Cherrel... me and my fiance are planning to get married here in the Philippines on the 2nd week of february.. his whole family is coming... but, we have this dilemma... in his place, before he can get his certificate of legal capacity to marry, i should submit all the required documents (original and translated into German).. i sent all the required documents in Germany last Sept. 9, 2011.. the officer there checked the papers and approved them.. then the officer said that the documents will be sent to the German Embassy here in Manila for verification...

But, yesterday (november 27) my fiance received an email from their local office that the embassy wanted me to submit additional documents of my addresses and sketch from 15 yrs old up to present and also 2 passport size pictures... they also send an authorization letter to authorize them to verify my documents...

Now, my fiance and I are worried if the Embassy in Manila would be able to give him his certificate of legal capacity to marry... or if they can still give it to him before January 28, 2012 which is their arrival here in the Philippines... Is there anyone here who have the same experience? Thanks! CHERREL"

It is normal if you are asked for additional documents. Just submit the required documents as soon as possible to avoid delays. In my experience, I was not asked for additional documents. As I have mentioned many times, it always depends.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 2

"My german fiance is only 20 years old, does he still need to have a parental consent/advice?"
I would suggest to ask the "Civil Wedding" office both in Germany and in the Philippines. This is to make sure that you have the information needed from both offices.

"Which is better? Civil wedding or go directly to church wedding?"
If I have money, then I would choose the church wedding.

"My german BF will arrive in a week. It is possible to get married here in the Philippines though it is our first meeting?"
Of course it is possible considering you have all the necessary papers. Please this post:

"I am already married to my german husband. Do I still need a basic german language certification though I have a degree here in the Philippines?"
During the time I filed for a spouse visa, I was exempted from this rule. But please ask the German Embassy as rules change from time to time.

"Me and my boyfriend from Stockholm, Sweden want to get married here in the Philippines. What should I do?"
Sorry. I am married to a German national. No idea with the rules in Sweden. You better contact the Swedish office directly or better ask your Swedish boyfriend.

"I am also from cebu and just got married with my German Fiancee in Hongkong. The Marriage Registry in Hongkong did not ask for the legal capacity to contract marriage. Just want to ask that if I apply for a family unification visa, should we need the legal capacity from the aliens office even if we are married in hongkong already?"
Sorry. Your situation is different from my experience. I am married in the Philippines not in HongKong.

"hi im arlyn my fiancee from germany is coming here on january and were planning to get married here in the philippines.and he just plan to stay here for 3 weeks or 4 weeks.because he cant stay longer here becuase of his u think we can marry on 3 weeks or 4 weeks.if our papers is complete...."
If you have the complete papers, why not?

" just being crazy if ill listen to who ever i asked,,,,they have so differnt answer,,,the one that i asked were also married on german...WHICH WAY I COULD FASTER GO GERMany:
1.we marry ist here in philippines ?or
2.we marry in germany for applying fiance or spouse visa.?"
Option 1, based on experience.

"hi im abby from silang cavite..i have a german fiance and we are planning to get married this year here in the philippines..ask ko lang sana kung kailangan pa ba e translate sa english ang papers nya from germany kapag pinasa ko ang papers nya sa church? please help me,i need your advice..thank you! this site is really helpful.."
IMO, you have to translate it to English as that is one of our official language.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 1

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your comments but I apologize if I can't answer all your questions.
Sorry also if don't reply to your private email address. To share the answers to the world, I will just do "Reader Questions - Batch #". This way, more people will know.

Where can I find a Certified German to English translator in Cebu?
In my experience and as far as I can remember, I went to Banilad, Cebu and met the translator in a bakery which he own. He is German and he knows to talk in Cebuano! Sorry I forgot the name of the bakery. That was 5 years ago!

Does the German Embassy need a signature or personal appearance of my husband if I need to translate my Legal Capacity of Marriage?
Please read this post:

Is there an agency that will help you process your Legal Capacity to Marriage in Germany?
Based on my experience, no. Please read this post:

Which is faster? Fiance Visa or Spouse Visa?
There is no exact answer to this question as it really depends a lot to the embassy. Based on my experience, 5 months after we got married in the Philippines, my German Spouse Visa got approved.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Just write a comment below. Thanks!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Country, New Life

Dear Readers,

First of all, thank you very much for visiting my blog.
Thank you also for your warm words.
It feels so good when you say that my blog really helped you in many ways.
Especially in going to Germany.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post in the comments section.
Make sure that you comment on the right post. E.g. if you have questions about the marriage requirements, visit his post and comment. There are many people who are willing to help you.

Now, I lived in a new country, not in Germany anymore.
New Country, New Life, New Challenges, New Journey.

But of course, I will still update this blog from time to time.

Again, thank you very much to you all! Enjoy Life! ^_^

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