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Monday, November 3, 2008

Endorsing of Certificate of Marriage to the NSO

What is endorsing of Certificate of Marriage to the NSO?
How long will the endorsing of Certificate of Marriage to the NSO take?

NSO = "National Statistics Office"

Your Certificate of Marriage will be endorsed at the NSO after your marriage. But it is endorsed by batch maybe like by date of marriage. This procedure is not a problem if you and your spouse are both Filipinos. If you want to be with your spouse in Germany or any foreign country and you need to speed things up for your VISA, you must endorse your Certificate of Marriage immediately and personally at the NSO. In my experience, I went to the local NSO office at Cebu City and submitted the documents personally.

When your paper is endorsed, it will be put inside the NSO database. This means that your document is being archived not just in your local government for example in my case, not just in Cebu but archived in the Philippine documents database or archive. The duration of the paper processing usually takes about 1-2 months.

Your “ordinary” Certificate of Marriage will look like this:

After the paper processing at NSO and you requested for a copy, your Certificate of Marriage will be like this:

This is now called an NSO Certificate of Marriage. There is really no big difference of the contents between an “ordinary” Certificate of Marriage and an NSO Certificate of Marriage. Your “ordinary” Certificate of Marriage will just be scanned, they put it in the database or archive it and then when you get a copy of your Certificate of Marriage from the NSO, it will be on a Yellow Paper or what they call the SECPA (Security Paper). It will have an NSO Seal at the upper left side, a document number and a bar code at the lower left side, and a signature from the NSO Administrator at the bottom right side.

This is important because most papers requested by institutions, schools, universities, jobs and especially papers requested for purposes abroad, such as VISAs, are the ones from the NSO. One good thing about this is that you can request a copy online at and it will be delivered at your door step.

As far as I can remember, these were the cost of an NSO Certificate of Marriage and an NSO Birth Certificate:

Requested at
NSO Certificate of Marriage – 400 Pesos per copy
NSO Birth Certificate – 300 Pesos per copy

Requested at your local NSO office:
NSO Certificate of Marriage – 180 Pesos per copy
NSO Birth Certificate – 150 Pesos per copy

*Note that these prices were as of February 2008. Prices may subject to change.

Note also that not all provinces in the Philippines had their own local NSO office.
If you live in these provinces, your only option would be requesting your NSO paper online at

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Anonymous said...

how many days ,if i request online an authenticated birt certificate?email me at


EditorPinoy said...

Hello Rose,

Pleas read here:
1. When will I receive my document?

Hope this helps ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi! had my civil wedding last january 2009 and the solemnizing officer has already given us the marriage certificate. the problem is when i called NSO, no records were found. when i spoke to the solemnizing officer, he said we still need to file and have the certificate ribbon in San Juan, where he filed our marriage certificate, after which we can submit this to NSO for filing. is this correct?

EditorPinoy said...

Hi Anonymous,

NSO can't find your record because it is not yet in their database. As far as I can remember, all marriage certificates will be put in the database every 4 months. Let's just say every April, August, December and so on...

But you have another option which I wrote above. If "you need to speed things up for your VISA (or any document for that matter), you must endorse your Certificate of Marriage immediately and personally at the NSO".

I suggest you read again my post and I am pretty sure your questions will be answered. To summarize everything:
1. Endorse your Marriage Certificate at NSO
2. Get your Marriage Certificate at NSO
3. Go to the DFA (or travel agency) and have your NSO Marriage Certificate with a Red Ribbon

Hope this helps ^_^
DFA Red Ribbon

Anonymous said...

hi if after i endorse my marriage certificate at NSO when i can get my marriage certificate at NSO?

Anonymous said...

Hello, i married last May 2009 and last July 1, i tried to get an NSO copy at NSO Cebu but the personnel there said that it's still too early for me to get a copy since i just married a month ago. She advised me to endorse my marriage certificate to their office and after endorsing, another personnel said that i can have a copy of my NSO married certificate a month after filing.

Anonymous said...


This website really help! Thanks to u. I just got one question, did u change ur passport? I mean use ur husband name before u got visa?

Anonymous said...

I got married june 30,2009. The local civil registrar endorsed our marriage contract to the local nso (ozamis branch) on july 3, 2009. Last week of august I went to the nso to get a SECPA copy of our marriage contract but they told me its not yet in their computer, it takes 3 to 4 months pa daw bago ko mkuha.
I called in their office the next day and I found out that our marriage certificate ay hindi pa daw na scan.
Ang bagal nila kumilos.kung hindi pa ako tumawag di ko pa malalaman na nakatambak lang pala document namin sa office nila.
Sabi nila iiscan na daw nila yun then they will endorse it through electronic to the NSO main office(NSO-Quezon City) then wait for the approval of the NSO main.
Kung ma approve na, pwede na ako makakuha ng copy.But I don't know how long it takes the approval period.
Any suggestion or reaction of my situation.Please advice.Baka kasi matatagalan ang approval and I don't know if they really endorse it to the NSO main.If they really do their job.para kasi wala na akong trust sa kanila.Do you have any idea what will I do to confirm that they really endorse it already?
Please help.

thank you very much


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam,


How to process online my marriage certificate or secpa I just married on December 28, 2004 at Zamboanga city.please advice me to my email

Thank you so much,

Anonymous said...

I have a question...I got marriage license in Quezon City Hall then got married in Manila city hall last Feb.11,2010.And I'm requesting a NSO copy of the marriage certificate to send to my spouse a Japanese National for him to register our marriage to the city in Japan.But someone suggested to get an endorsement from the LCRO of Manila City Hall.But when i asked how long it will take they said 5 day.Then after 5 day I can get the copy after 2 week.They talking about Marriage cert.SECPA w/NSO authentication.My worry is my marriage with my spouse can only register in Japan within 120 day.Can someone help me how to speed up the processes of getting Marriage Cert w/NSO authentication.I already got the copy of marriage cert from city hall.But I really to have copy from NSO to send to my spouse.Any suggestion is welcome and appreciated.Thanks

Anonymous said...

hello,i just want to asked,im married to a german national 3 months ago and im planning to apply for a german passport allready. does it mean i will give up my philippine passport? or can i avail dual? and what are the requirements needed for applying german poassport? thanks!

Anonymous said...

to anonymous,u cannot apply for german passport yet

Anonymous said...

I have a US passport and married to a military (US) in Germany. My sister died recently in the Phils and they need an authenticated marriage certificte from NSO to process my sister's GSIS.
What do I need to do to expedite the process?

Anonymous said...

hi this is mitch...ask ko lang po during sa pag fill-up ng form sa marriage license or certificate, ano po ba talaga ang dapat sundin if yong name nya has a character of german letter? like ä, ö, etc. Do I need to write it that way? or using ae instead of ä and oe instead of ö?
I know same lang sila ang concern ko lang baka maquestion kung bakit iba yong spelling nila... hope to hear from you ..thanks

Anonymous said...

3 days of searching a situation and a solution...finally found it. thank you so much. this really helps me alot.

Anonymous said...

one month na akong married to an australian national, looks like i need another option just to speed up the process...about endorsing the marriage certificate personally sa NSO. just want to make it clear, kung kailangan bang may dalang endorsement letter from the local civil registrar together with the ordinary marriage certificate? or pwedi na ang ordinary marriage certificate alone.?

rosie said...

Good information here. I really enjoy reading them every day. I've learned a lot from them.

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Anonymous said...

hello, we married last Feb. 2010..i have read above that we must submit the copy of our contract to NSO,ngayon ko lang nalaman so hindi pa sya naffile sa NSO..Does it mean wla pa kming file sa NSO that we are both married?6mons na ang nakakalipas pwede pa rin bang magfile nun sa NSO?im just bothered na baka walang bisa yung kasal namin..pls help me what to more thing, nagfile ako sa SSS pra magpachange status pero hindi nila inaccept un photocopy ng license na ibinigay sa amin..kailangan daw ng tatak galing NSO..hindi ko alm kung anong tatak yun,pagdating sa NSO ang sabi sa city registrar daw un tatak,pagdating sa cthall, NSO daw ang magtatak..naguguluhan lang ako..binigyan kami ng copy ng license but then hindi rin pala sya valid..pero sabi naman ng officiating minister na nagkasal registered na dun license namin...pls help us...thanks in advance..

Anonymous said...

ask lang po filipina working in Brunei,and my fiance a german citizen were planning to get married this coming august..and is it possible all the reuirements for marriage ay maakomplish na yan before our prospect dat eof marriage?kilangan ko pa bang ipa red ribbon and birth cert (frm NSO),and CENOMAR(from NSO)?kci my fiance he just asking me only 3 deocuments to seND him by courier like 1.CENOMAR 2 BIRTH CERT.3 PHOTO COPY PASSPORT( MUST BE SUGNATURE TO GERMAN EMBASSY IN BRUNEI ? SINCE IM HERE IN BRUNEI)..KASI YAN LANG DAW ANG HINIHINGI NG CITY HALL NILA .. so hindi ko na kilangan ipa red ribbon cenomar at birth? sana po matulungan nyo poa ako kci naguaguluhan tlga ako sa mg arequirements at ano ba dapat kung gawin orderly....step by step..thnx po....

Anonymous said...

I think the best and easiest way to get all your papers done FAST, is if you do your research well, and look for someone who can speed up the process.
This might entail a few more pesos, but if you think about saving time,effort and energy...then I think it is totally worth the money :-)

Anonymous said...

ang DFA ba or NSO ay pwde magtranslate ng German documents into English translation?? like for example ng Certificate of Livebirth and Divorce paper???please help me..pra di na kami mahirapan magpdala sa germany...


Anonymous said...

hello po.. we married last sept. 2010..kukuha sana ako nang NSO copy nang marriage contract namin pero ang sabi nang secretary hindi pa daaw na endorse sa nso? pwede po un? kasi po pagka alam ko after nang marriage dapat po i endorse.ngayon ko lang nalaman so hindi pa sya naffile sa NSO..Does it mean wla pa kming file sa NSO that we are both married?11mons na ang nakakalipas pwede pa rin bang magfile nun sa NSO?pinabayad po ako nang 750 nang secretary nang judge na nagkasal samin totoo po ba un na may bayad mag pa endorse sa NSO?please help me.

Anonymous said...

hello po,tanong ko lang pag nag file ng marriage contract sa nso kailangan ba mag dala ng mga requirements gaya ng legal capacity kasi german yung hubby ko,hope you can help me with my question

Anonymous said...

i have german devorced papers translation in english kailangan paba dumaan ng german embassy to bago ipa authnticated?pls.helf thanks


Honey Bear said...

ano po documents dapat dalhin sa NSO if i will have our marriage certificate to be endorsed? do i need to go to the LCR of our municipality too to ask for an endorsement letter or i can just go to NSO cebu main office right away for endorsing?

Anonymous said...

hi,i came here in the United states last November on an CR1 visa. I applied for the US Social Security Card but the last name was still my single name,me and my Husband got married in the Philippines last 2011.i went back to the Social Security Office to change my last name and brought my Authenticated Marriage Certificate From NSO to the Social Security Office,after waiting for an hour they called my number just to tell me that what i gave them was just a Xerox copy of they original.the Certificate is on NSO security paper and i cannot prove them that NSO issue that Certificate to me.they said there is no water marks or dry seal on the paper.what should i do to satisfy their requirements?please help.i cannot apply for a driver`s license with my married name on it until i change my Social Security Card.

lyrna corcuera said...

hi!nag file ako ng kumpletong dokumento sa NSO ng annulment ng anak ko last dec.29,na recieve ko ang marriage certificate last jan.09,ang ipinagtataka ko wala itong barcode,pero mayrong remarks na concidered na pwede na magamit ng anak ko ang maiden name nya,,,di kaya maging problema ang wlang barcode?

Deny Richard said...

Your blog is really helps for my search and i really like it.. Thanks a lot.. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I got married in Germany. Iam a filipino and my husband is a german. We filed our Report of Marriage last March. The embassy told us that it will take 3-4 months before it will be available in NSO. Its July now and we need our REPORT of MARRIAGE authenticated by NSO in SECPA paper. The NSO told us that we dont have a record yet, instead they give us the a certificate of no record and we need to go to DFA for them to endorse our report of marriage to our local NSO. Can someone have the same issue too? Please help. thanks in advance

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