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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pre Marriage Counselling

Before you can get a Marriage License, you and your spouse will need to attend a Pre-Marriage Counseling. The Pre-Marriage Counseling is just like a seminar. The topics you will get from the seminar are about Marriage, Relationship, Sex, Sex Diseases (HIV, AIDS), and Family Planning. So basically the seminar will discuss about Marriage. The seminar will take place at the Cebu City Health Office.

Before lunch time, you will be given an Application for Marriage License form which should be completed and submitted within the day. Please, please... BE VERY EXTRA CAREFUL of the data you are writing on the form. BE VERY EXTRA CAREFUL of the Names, Dates, Address, EVERYTHING! Please write CLEARLY, NEATLY and I suggest it to be in PRINT FORM and all in CAPITAL/UPPERCASE LETTERS. For example:

Hand Writing Suggestion when filling up forms

If you are not sure about what to answer then you better ask the personnel in charge. If it happens that you have mistakenly, incorrectly or wrongly written/inputted, then you will going to have problems when you apply for a VISA and other papers. Then, you will have additional paper(s) processing, and that is a total WASTE OF TIME!

The duration of the seminar will only be 8 hours (in 1 day). Please be advised that you and your partner should be present during the whole seminar because the counselors or people who conduct the seminar will check your attendance. If you happen to miss a single topic in the seminar for any reason(s) and your attendance is incomplete, they will not let you proceed to the next process. In my experience, a number of couples where advised to take the seminar again because there attendance are incomplete and again that is a total WASTE OF TIME! Remember that this seminar is a Requirement for Marriage License Application.

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Pre-marriage Counseling said...

Pre-marriage counseling can help to set the foundation for a great relationship, and many therapists have experience in this area. The purpose of pre-marital counseling program is to give you with the tools you need to glorify God and love your spouse as God designed. Pre-marriage counseling program is designed to be started four to six months prior to your wedding date and is a fourteen week program that will give you a solid foundation upon which you can build your marriage. Find more information about the helpful pr-marriage counseling program of this site.

melissa said...

Marriage counselling help can actually be more effective than one expects. The first thing to note about marriage counseling san diego is that they provide suggestions and feedback that are specially catered to marriage and relationships.

Anonymous said...

If no marriage counseling was done does that make the marriage valid? What about if there was no parent consent form sign either?

Mahi Seo said...
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Giri babu said...

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