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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 2

"My german fiance is only 20 years old, does he still need to have a parental consent/advice?"
I would suggest to ask the "Civil Wedding" office both in Germany and in the Philippines. This is to make sure that you have the information needed from both offices.

"Which is better? Civil wedding or go directly to church wedding?"
If I have money, then I would choose the church wedding.

"My german BF will arrive in a week. It is possible to get married here in the Philippines though it is our first meeting?"
Of course it is possible considering you have all the necessary papers. Please this post:

"I am already married to my german husband. Do I still need a basic german language certification though I have a degree here in the Philippines?"
During the time I filed for a spouse visa, I was exempted from this rule. But please ask the German Embassy as rules change from time to time.

"Me and my boyfriend from Stockholm, Sweden want to get married here in the Philippines. What should I do?"
Sorry. I am married to a German national. No idea with the rules in Sweden. You better contact the Swedish office directly or better ask your Swedish boyfriend.

"I am also from cebu and just got married with my German Fiancee in Hongkong. The Marriage Registry in Hongkong did not ask for the legal capacity to contract marriage. Just want to ask that if I apply for a family unification visa, should we need the legal capacity from the aliens office even if we are married in hongkong already?"
Sorry. Your situation is different from my experience. I am married in the Philippines not in HongKong.

"hi im arlyn my fiancee from germany is coming here on january and were planning to get married here in the philippines.and he just plan to stay here for 3 weeks or 4 weeks.because he cant stay longer here becuase of his u think we can marry on 3 weeks or 4 weeks.if our papers is complete...."
If you have the complete papers, why not?

" just being crazy if ill listen to who ever i asked,,,,they have so differnt answer,,,the one that i asked were also married on german...WHICH WAY I COULD FASTER GO GERMany:
1.we marry ist here in philippines ?or
2.we marry in germany for applying fiance or spouse visa.?"
Option 1, based on experience.

"hi im abby from silang cavite..i have a german fiance and we are planning to get married this year here in the philippines..ask ko lang sana kung kailangan pa ba e translate sa english ang papers nya from germany kapag pinasa ko ang papers nya sa church? please help me,i need your advice..thank you! this site is really helpful.."
IMO, you have to translate it to English as that is one of our official language.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this april we planning to get married in civil but we have all papers na since december pa..first kasi dapat dito sa uae but then ang daming required so we decided april na lang...
I just like to ask may duration ba ung legal capacity of marriage nya...ung brother in law ko kasi ang pupunta sa germany embassy pero may letter of request naman sya ng fiance ko...for the stamps...

Anonymous said...

hello good afternoon.
im 35 now here cyprus for work.just wanted to know more fiance and i plan to marry here cyprus this coming july.but i wanted also to know if i really needed german certifacated.if so do i need to enrolled in school?or how about i study by my self and taken exam.where i can take exam for this?hoping to have some advice..

Anonymous said...

hello po.. may tanong po ako we planning to get married here in philippines my BF is german his divorse ang problem po hindi sya hka kuha nang capacity to marry. ang tanong ko yung divorse papers ba nya pwede ba ito nmain magamit pra makasal kmi even wla po sya capacity to marry ??

Anonymous said...

Hi,I want to change my daughters citizenship from Filipino to German.I am not married to her father but he acknowledged the child and signed the birth certificate.I endorsed her birth certificate at NSO to change name. I got the birth certificate name changed already in 2003. May i ask what are the requirements for applying to change her citizenship?The child is now 9 yrs old. But her father passed away 5 yrs ago already.. Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.

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