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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 10

Anonymous said...

hi this is mitch...ask ko lang po during sa pag fill-up ng form sa marriage license or certificate, ano po ba talaga ang dapat sundin if yong name nya has a character of german letter? like ä, ö, etc. Do I need to write it that way? or using ae instead of ä and oe instead of ö?
I know same lang sila ang concern ko lang baka maquestion kung bakit iba yong spelling nila... hope to hear from you ..thanks
Hi Mitch,
In my opinion, if the name has umlauts (äöü), use ae, oe and ue since we don't use these characters in the Philippines. Please note that this is just my opinion and it is best to ask the officer, what the correct way is.
I hope this helps.

one month na akong married to an australian national, looks like i need another option just to speed up the process...about endorsing the marriage certificate personally sa NSO. just want to make it clear, kung kailangan bang may dalang endorsement letter from the local civil registrar together with the ordinary marriage certificate? or pwedi na ang ordinary marriage certificate alone.?
Hi Anonymous,
Please read this post:
What I submitted was the Marriage Certificate that I, my better half, witnesses and the judge signed during our Civil Wedding. In my case, I did not submit an endorsement letter and it took 1 to 2 months.
I hope this helps.

hello, we married last Feb. 2010..i have read above that we must submit the copy of our contract to NSO,ngayon ko lang nalaman so hindi pa sya naffile sa NSO..Does it mean wla pa kming file sa NSO that we are both married?6mons na ang nakakalipas pwede pa rin bang magfile nun sa NSO?im just bothered na baka walang bisa yung kasal namin..pls help me what to more thing, nagfile ako sa SSS pra magpachange status pero hindi nila inaccept un photocopy ng license na ibinigay sa amin..kailangan daw ng tatak galing NSO..hindi ko alm kung anong tatak yun,pagdating sa NSO ang sabi sa city registrar daw un tatak,pagdating sa cthall, NSO daw ang magtatak..naguguluhan lang ako..binigyan kami ng copy ng license but then hindi rin pala sya valid..pero sabi naman ng officiating minister na nagkasal registered na dun license namin...pls help us...thanks in advance..
Hi Anonymous,
You have to endorse your marriage certificate first:
Once it is endorsed, you can then get your NSO Marriage Certificate.
Don't worry, it does not mean that your marriage is not official or "invalid".

ask lang po filipina working in Brunei,and my fiance a german citizen were planning to get married this coming august..and is it possible all the reuirements for marriage ay maakomplish na yan before our prospect dat eof marriage?kilangan ko pa bang ipa red ribbon and birth cert (frm NSO),and CENOMAR(from NSO)?kci my fiance he just asking me only 3 deocuments to seND him by courier like 1.CENOMAR 2 BIRTH CERT.3 PHOTO COPY PASSPORT( MUST BE SUGNATURE TO GERMAN EMBASSY IN BRUNEI ? SINCE IM HERE IN BRUNEI)..KASI YAN LANG DAW ANG HINIHINGI NG CITY HALL NILA .. so hindi ko na kilangan ipa red ribbon cenomar at birth? sana po matulungan nyo poa ako kci naguaguluhan tlga ako sa mg arequirements at ano ba dapat kung gawin orderly....step by step..thnx po....

Hi Anonymous,
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Räumung said...

تسلم ايديك على الموضوع Räumung

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شكرا لكم ..دائما موفقين..))

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