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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 8

aivy said...
regarding DHL authentication, how do they process the documents. can you please give me more info about this, thanks.
Hi Aivy, it is not DHL authentication. It is DFA Red Ribbon. For more info, please read this link:

Anonymous said...
hi if after i endorse my marriage certificate at NSO when i can get my marriage certificate at NSO?
Hi, endorsing your marriage certificate at NSO usually takes about 1-2 months. For more info, please read this link:

Anonymous said...
Hello, i married last May 2009 and last July 1, i tried to get an NSO copy at NSO Cebu but the personnel there said that it's still too early for me to get a copy since i just married a month ago. She advised me to endorse my marriage certificate to their office and after endorsing, another personnel said that i can have a copy of my NSO married certificate a month after filing.
Hi, please read my answer above. 

Anonymous said...
This website really help! Thanks to u. I just got one question, did u change ur passport? I mean use ur husband name before u got visa?
Yes, it is better that you already have a passport with your husband's name on it so that it will be consistent with all your marriage papers. Though I believe that if you still have a passport with your maiden name on it, it should be fine considering you have all the supporting documents. But it is better to call immigration or the German embassy just to be sure. As for me, I changed my passport name before I flew to Germany.

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