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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 6

my birth certificate is wrong, my moms middle name is Dizon but its written Bautista they already use my Dad's lastname.. so parang magkapatid lang sila..

Meron na po akong affidavit na nagpapatunay na si Bautista at Dizon ay iisa lang.. Na xa un mom ko.. its been notarize already. ask ko lang kung need pa pong i pa red ribbon?

I am no expert regarding this case. But in my opinion, I believe a red ribbon is necessary because we are talking about names here. Germans are strict and its better to have all the necessary papers ready especially if they ask you about name errors like in your case.

Hello! My brother wanted to get married in Italy with his gf which is filipina also, he wanted me to have their documents in red ribbon, is it needed to include their baptismal and confirmation cert. be red ribbonized? Do i need to have an authorization from them? Thank you and hope to hear your advise....

I have no experience on this. In my opinion, ask the local Italian office what papers they need to have a red ribbon. This way you can save money and you can make sure which papers you need to have a red ribbon.

hello,im processing my citizenship here in turkey but i need red ribbon from my friend can procees in dfa?is it need authorization from me?

No experience in this case. In my opinion, if a person is processing any paper for another person, you always need an authorization letter. This is for security reasons.

Hi, I would like to know if the family status certificate is really needed for the application of marriage in the Philippines , where will I obtain this certificate? My fiancee is a German national, he told me to to secure this certificate...where will i get it? I hope you can answer my question and help me... thank you very much, HEDI

Hi Hedi, I believe you are referring to CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage. Which means you are still single. You can get this from NSO.

Hi,I am planning to get a red ribbon authentication from the DFA.But my name in my marriage certificate is spelled wrong...,can i still use it as my supporting document since I have my birth certificate corrected already proving that corrections have been made.With my B.C. corrected..,need I still get an affidavit?Hope to get a prompt and favoreable response from you.Thank you and More Power!!!

I am no expert in this case. But in my opinion, as I have said above, you should all the necessary papers ready when local officials ask you about your name inconsistency. Your name is your identity. One small error even if it is only 1 letter will give you problems when processing papers.

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