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Friday, August 31, 2012

Reader Questions - Batch 9

Anonymous said...
Dear Sir/Madam,


How to process online my marriage certificate or secpa I just married on December 28, 2004 at Zamboanga city.please advice me to my email

Thank you so much,
Hi Beth, you have to endorse your marriage papers first. Please read this link:

Anonymous said...
I have a question...I got marriage license in Quezon City Hall then got married in Manila city hall last Feb.11,2010.And I'm requesting a NSO copy of the marriage certificate to send to my spouse a Japanese National for him to register our marriage to the city in Japan.But someone suggested to get an endorsement from the LCRO of Manila City Hall.But when i asked how long it will take they said 5 day.Then after 5 day I can get the copy after 2 week.They talking about Marriage cert.SECPA w/NSO authentication.My worry is my marriage with my spouse can only register in Japan within 120 day.Can someone help me how to speed up the processes of getting Marriage Cert w/NSO authentication.I already got the copy of marriage cert from city hall.But I really to have copy from NSO to send to my spouse.Any suggestion is welcome and appreciated.Thanks
Hi Anonymous, I believe you have already endorsed your marriage and that you already have an NSO copy. And I also believe that you are referring to the DFA authentication or the Red Ribbon. In my experience, the red ribbon from DFA took 3 weeks and I asked help from an agency to do this. For more info please read this:

Anonymous said...
hello,i just want to asked,im married to a german national 3 months ago and im planning to apply for a german passport allready. does it mean i will give up my philippine passport? or can i avail dual? and what are the requirements needed for applying german poassport? thanks!
Hi Anonymous, you cannot apply for a German passport yet. I believe you are referring to German Spouse visa. For more info, please read this link:

Anonymous said...
I have a US passport and married to a military (US) in Germany. My sister died recently in the Phils and they need an authenticated marriage certificte from NSO to process my sister's GSIS.
What do I need to do to expedite the process?
Hi Anonymous, I am sorry to hear your loss... And I am sorry also to tell you that I have no experience in this matter. God bless you.

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