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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

After Arrival - Registration as a Resident at your local Town Hall/City Hall in Germany

Now that you are in Germany, what will you do next?
What things should you do next?
What papers should you immediately process?

After the day I have arrived in Germany, I immediately went to our local Town Hall or City Hall. In German this is called the "Rathaus". My spouse and the office employee talked in German so I really don't understand what they are talking about. All I know was that I was going to register myself as a RESIDENT IN THE TOWN where I am living.

I was given a "Certificate of Residency Form" to fill-up my personal details (Name, Birth date, Address etc). After I submitted the form, I was given a photocopy of it and then my Philippine Passport was stamped with a Town Seal. They have also given me another form which I should submit to the Alien's Office or Immigrant's Office together with my passport, passport picture and the Certificate of Residence. This step was for 1 year extension of my VISA.

We went to the Alien's Office or Immigrant's Office and submitted the documents. This is called Ausländeramt in German. The Alien's office told that I needed to join or enroll in a Basic German Integration Course (Language Course) and that all the papers that I have submitted to them will be forwarded to the Rathaus together with my passport with the VISA extension in it.

After a week, the Rathaus mailed me that I could already pick-up my documents.

My VISA was extended for 1 year. And before my VISA expires I have to go to the Ausländeramt again to extend my visa.

How did you extend your VISA and for how many years? Have you encountered problems upon registering yourself as a Resident in your town?

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-=vel=- said...

HI there.

I have been following your blogs and you have helped me tons in the smooth process of my Visa, oh well,especially the mentail conditioning.

I got my Visa now and is due to leave Phils in two months. My question though is, when your visa was extended to one year, is that already a Multiply Entry? coz the first 90day Visa they issue is a Single Entry.

Anyway, some tips, so you may update your Blog (if you like )


mickey said...

hi! i just want ti ask when you first got your spouse visa. were you allowed to go to the neighboring countries? or is your visa allowed only in germany? is it also like the tourist visa?

federweisser said...

Hallo, valid ang Visa moh s lhat ng Schengen Country... Check moh n lng ang list... You can visit the other country n part n2, once you're here in Germany and got your Aufenthaltserlaubnis... LoL!

Anonymous said...

hallo! Guten Tag! wie geht es dir? Is anyone can give me if what are the possible questions that the civil registrar may ask when applying for marriage in Germany? I can write and speak a little German, as much as possible we don't need an interpreter during our wedding. If you have an experience please share in this blog...Vielen Dank!!!!

Jim Barnett said...

Thanks a ton for blogging this, it was very helpful and told a ton. Unterkunft Frankfurt Oder

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