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Friday, January 2, 2009

Basic German Language Visa Requirement, Required or Not?

Are you planning to move to Germany with your spouse?
Do you really need a basic knowledge of German before you can enter Germany?
Is Basic German Language required in getting a German Visa or not?

Many people are asking me these questions. As I have searched the web, many people really don't know whether German Language is required and necessary in getting a German Visa or not. This is because most people don't know that the rules in getting a German Visa have changed.

Before, there is no requirement for a Basic German Language. As I processed my German Visa, I was so relaxed because I had all the necessary papers and was just waiting for my spouse to arrive and get married in the Philippines. Last October 2007, I was browsing the embassy's site and found out that there was a change on their Visa Requirements. I was surprised to see that a "Proof of basic knowledge of German language (Certificate of language examination “Start Deutsch 1” of the Goethe Institute)" is required.

I was so worried about this requirement because it requires money and time (I was still working from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every Mondays to Fridays that time!). Payment for enrolling a German Language Course. Payment for taking the German Language Certification Exam. But most of all, I don't have the Time.

As, I have browsed more in the embassy's site, I found a phrase that caught my eye:
"Are there exceptions?" Yes. You do not have to prove any knowledge of German, as a rule, if one of the following statements applies:
- You or your spouse are citizens of a member state of the European Union (excluding Germany).
- You are incapable of demonstrating basic knowledge of the German language due to a physical or mental illness
or handicap.
- You have a university degree and probably be able to find work in Germany on the basis of your language skills (recognisably minor integration requirement).
- You do not wish to reside permanently in Germany.
- Your spouse has a residence permit as
  • - highly-skilled worker (§ 19 AufenthG).
  • - researcher (§ 20 AufenthG).
  • - company founder (§ 21 AufenthG).
  • - person entitled to asylum (§ 25 (1) or § 26 (3) AufenthG).
  • - recognised refugee (§ 25 (2) or § 26 (3) AufenthG).
- holder of a permanent right of residence from other EU countries (§ 38 a AufenthG). - Your spouse is a citizen of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand or the United States of America.

I have a University Degree and I thought that I don't need this requirement. But still I called the German embassy to make things clear and hear exactly from them that "You are not required...". Fortunately, the German embassy told me that I was not required to submit this requirement because I have a University Degree.

When I arrived here in Germany, I was still required to take the German Integration Course. But I was not mad, angry or surprised about it this because I needed it. Do you think that because you are exempted, have a university degree and have a professional experience in your field means you will not have difficulties living in Germany? You are absolutely Wrong! Why? Germany is not your country, have a different culture, a different law, a different place and most of all a different language.

Have you attended a German Integration Course? How much did you pay? Have you already passed the German Integration Course? How do you find the German language? Is the German Language difficult? (for me its difficult, Grammatik! Grammatik! ^_^)

What were your experiences? What are your thoughts? ^_^

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pinkprincess said... German bf is coming and we are getting married here in the Philippines. i have all the requirements already prepared for my VISA application but what worries me the most is the Certification on the Knowledge of Basic German you when you were here, i also have a monday to saturday 8am to 6pm work..and like you,i dont think i can just leave my job just like that..but when i read something about exceptions to this New Requirement, i think i have something to be happy see, i also have a University Degree(from a reputable school in our country), so i think i can be also exempted.can i ask you one question? is there something like a specific degree required,or just any graduate with University degree will do.HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME ON THIS... :-) THANK YOU THANK YOU

Pinoy IN Germany said...

Hello PinkPrincess,

Thanks for visiting my site.
If you have a University Degree or a College Graduate, then I believe that you are exempted.

As stated above, you are exempted if "You have a university degree and probably be able to find work in Germany on the basis of your language skills". There is no statement for a specific degree. But I would suggest that you ask the German Embassy to make things clear (like what I did before). If it is okay with you, can you please tell me if you are exempted?

Hope this helps. ^_^

Ramasundar said...

Hi PinkPrincess

i am having a doubt...

my wife came here July 2008 and now she is doing here master degree here in Frankfurt. But she is on dependent visa. so the government asked her to do a integration course.

But since she is not having enough time, "are there any exceptions for dependent visa holders to make the integration course a bit later?"

thanks in advance

PING_TM said...

Hi Ramasundar,

Thanks for leaving a comment.

I believe the integration course is required if you are already here in Germany.

I am an IT graduate that is why I am exempted with the Integration Course when I applied for Visa.

But when I came here, I was still required to take the course. I have just completed it.

Many of my classmates were complaining because of this law.

I have classmate who is a Vietnamese. He lived here in Germany since 1989, He can write, read and speak fluent German. He is working and he already have a German Passport. But still he was required to take the course (which was very easy for him, he was like the Master of the Class.hehe).

With that example, I believe that this is a law that every immigrant should comply and follow.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Your blogsite is so informative. Question: how did you tell the embassy that you are a University degree holder? Did they ask you or you voluntarily showed your TOR? I had my interview with the German embassy last week and they didn't ask anything about my educational background. I have my TOR with me but I didn't show it to them because they didn't ask for it. I am also a University degree holder althought not form any prominent universities here in Manila. And part of my additional requirements is the completion of the A1 Certificate Exam which I'm currently enrolled in. You think I can still ask them if I could be exempted from that requirement if I could show them my TOR? I'm supper stressed na kasi with this Certificate exam kaya i want to find out. Although I don't mind studying their language kasi kelangan naman talaga. I just don't like the idea na may pressure to pass this exam.
Thanks for your time. Hope you can share some views on this. Vielen Dank!

EditorPinoy said...

Halu Anonymous,

Thank you very much for your sweet words ^_^
Actually I, called the Embassy if I am exempted or not and then the Embassy told me to bring my TOR and Diploma as proof.
You should have asked your interviewer if they need your TOR (sayang...). You should not worry about which university you graduated from. A TOR is a TOR, IMO.hehe
Of course you can still ask them if you will be exempted or not considering that you are a bachelor holder.

The best thing that you should do now is call the embassy immediately. I understand your situation. Dito nga while nag take ako ng German Course for 6 months, nag job seeking din ako. Pero thank God, tapus na ako at may B1 Certificate na ako.hehe (please visit my site from time to time as I will make a post regarding my B1 certificate)
I strongly agree with you that Studying German language is a NEED.

I hope this helps ^_^ Ingatz ^_^

althely said...

Hello!! This site is very helpful for me and my husband. We knew a lot things we didn't know before. I was about to apply the visa last January but there is this A1 Certificate of the Language Course and i am very far from Manila and i don't know anybody in Cebu. My husband wrote the embassy if i will be exempted because i am a degree holder but they said that we have to get an exemption letter from the Immigration Office in Germany from my husband's local place. In the end of this month i will have it na.
I just would like to ask if anybody of you tried something like this "exemption letter" or anybody you hear who had this too, if this thing really worked?
This time all we do is hoping..thank you!

EditorPinoy said...

Halu althely,

I am very glad to hear that you and your husband find my site very helpful. Thank you very much! ^_^

The fact is I am very surprised about the "exemption letter" that you said. Actually I have no experience regarding this "exemption letter". My experience was that the embassy told me to bring with me my TOR and Diploma for my interview as proof, and they sent it back to me with the Visa Approval letter (as far as I can remember).

If this is the case then I believe the requirements have changed and that you should get an "exemption letter". I am very sorry about this althely as I have no experience about "exemption letter" which I could draw from.

I hope this helps.

althely said...

Yes, we were also surprised and the Immigration Office in Germany asked my husband to get me a job ready when I'm there and they also for ask for my husband's income, but my husband is still a student so his parents help us with it. The Immigration Office had so many requirements before they approved this. Like, a job ready for's like a guarantee letter that when i come to germany i have a work already, apartment for us, income, and supporting families..stuffs like this. When i was surfing your site, i read that employment is also difficult in germany, as i think this is an effect of the global crisis that worries me. Fortunately, my husband got a gaurantee letter of a job ready for me, but i honestly hope and pray that i would get this. BUt first, the visa...
Maybe there are those will have something like this, "exemption letter" then maybe i can also give some points through this site.
Thank you so much!!!

EditorPinoy said...

Halu althely,

WOW! A GUARANTEE LETTER OF A JOB READY FOR YOU? I have no idea that it is possible. Honestly, I have tried applying for jobs here for about 10 months already but still no luck until now. =(
Can you give me some information on how you did that?

I understand your situation about your VISA processing. I myself is worried about when will the Embassy approve my VISA. But just be patient and I am sure you will get it! ^_^

You are very much welcome and thank you very much! ^_^

Approval of My German Spouse Visa

althely said...

Hi EditorPinoy!
I honestly didn't know how my husband did that. Actually, that was the 2nd time he tried to get a job ready for me because without this, the I. Office won't entertain my documents. The first one was not approved by the Immigration Office, so he tried to find another one and good that my husband knows a lot of people in the church. So, one of his friends, gave him this job for me because this friend of him is the manager or owner?.(i'm not sure) but he is a big man in this job. And this is the job that the Immigration Office approved. I am a nurse. This job is taking care of people especially the older ones but not in an institution or hospital. This is visit to visit with ambulance, if somebody needs the service at home.

Honestly, as i said, i was also worried when i read in this site about jobs in Germany and my husband is just working a part time job because he is studying.

We just got the "exemption letter" today.(thanks God!) I really hope this will work.

Thank you for your advice..

althely said...

I'm sorry with my first sentence..what i mean there, i didn't know how my husband convinced his friend to give me that job because we still don't know when can i be with him..

EditorPinoy said...

Halu althely,

I understand your situation as I have experienced it. Always waiting and hoping that when I wake up the next day, I will receive a mail from the embassy that my Visa has been approved.

Believe me, if you just process your papers immediately and reply to their queries, you will hasten the processing of your visa (This is based on my experience).

Kaka-ingit ka naman, ako dito hirap na hirap na sa pag hanap ng trbaho.hehe Anyway, Congratulations that you have made it this far. You already have your Exemption Letter. Just keep on praying and take care always. ^_^ Hope you could give me your email if that is okay with you (of course not here if you want privacy). ^_^ Thanks! ^_^
My Flight for and Arrival in Germany

althely said...

Hello! I'm sorry if i wasn't able to give you my email. Actually, i don't know how to do it without making it public.

By the way, do u still remember your application form for the spouse visa? I was just a little bit confused in the application form no. 27. b) Do u have health insurance cover for the Federal Republic of Germany? but before this number, in letter a)Do u suffer from any diseases. This question of the insurance might cover the first question...(i don' know)..:)

Maybe you can help me clarifying this question. Maybe next week i will be in Manila for an interview.

Thank you so much!!! Hope to hear from you soon..

EditorPinoy said...

Hi althely,

I am fine, thanks for asking. How about you? I guess you are very much excited to be with your BF soon =)
My answers were (as far as I can remember):

27.a) NO (I don't suffer from any disease -don't write this on the questionnaire.hehe)
27.b) NO (I was still in the Philippines so I don't have any health insurance in Germany yet. don't write this on the questionnaire.hehe)

Based on my experience, my German spouse processed my health insurance after I arrived here in Germany.

Hope this helps ^_^

althely said...

Thank you so much for clarifying this to me. I still leave it blank, so i will just write NO.

Thank you very much. I just hope that I won't have problems with the visa application. I'm really scared. Thanks for your help. :)

EditorPinoy said...

Hi althely,

Your welcome ^_^
You better get rid of the "scare" thing ^_^ I am 100% positive that you will get your visa approved sooner than you think. Just pray and immediately process any paperworks needed.

Hope this helps ^_^
Approval of My German Spouse Visa

althely said...

I really hope so. You know, my husband would be soooo happy when this happens.hehehe...His class is about to start and I would be happy too if i can help him somehow. We just wanted to start our life together.It is so difficult to be separated all these months.

Thank you again, i guess i could never stop saying that..and be sure, i will still continue to ask you some things.:) Thanks for your help. Actually, it was my husband who found this site, and he told me maybe I can write you.You are very helpful, thank you.

EditorPinoy said...

Believe me, you can get your Visa approved ^_^
I understand being away with your spouse. Just be patient and pray always.

Your welcome and thank you very much for your sweet words! I always feel happy when I help other people especially our fellow kababayans ^_^ I am very glad that your husband found this site.

Actually JUST TODAY, a Filipina "graduated" (got her Visa approved) just by reading my blog ^_^ And I am very HAPPY about her good news! Read the Good News HERE ^_^.

If you have any questions, please... don't hesitate to ask me. I will help you with all the best that I could ^_^

Anonymous said...

hello to every concerned,

Im very glad to see a lot of concequences in applying fiancee visa in germany. It realy helps a lot to the individual who has confused of all the requirements that we need to show the embassy.first to mention like the german schooling.Yes! you are all right that they stated that if you are a 4 year degree holder then you are exemted for the course but i have read a lot of situations that after having an appointment for interview in embassy, they ask and about the deutch course.For God sake! how could they explain this further..this should not suppose to happen. please help me to find the anwsers?


EditorPinoy said...

Halu Anonymous,

Sorry to say that I did not understand your question.
I am a College Graduate (4 years) with 2 years professional experience in my field. During my interview last February 2008, the German Embassy did not ask about the German Language Certificate/ German Course (Deutschkurs). Note that my experience was last February 2008. Don't be surprised if they asked you new requirements as their Rules will always change.

Hope this Helps ^_^
German Language Certificate B1

Anonymous said...



just want to say that u have a very wonderful and helpful site...

keep it up
GOD bless

u really help a lot

EditorPinoy said...

Halu Anonymous!

Thank you very much for your sweet words! ^_^
God bless you too! ^_^
Tips for contacting the German Embassy

Anonymous said...


guten tag!

can i register here as a member of your blogspot?
coz i know someday i can used your site as a source of processing my papers too...
tell me how to register in your blogspot...
thanks and Gott segne dich!!!

though i haven't yet asking any question here in your blogspot but yet i become some answers to my question...

and im happy for that so much...

Gott segne dich!

pass auf dich auf!

EditorPinoy said...

Thank you very much for your Sweet Words ^_^
If you have time, please do visit my blog.
Don't hesitate to ask any question and I will answer you with all my powers.hehe

Actually there is no registration in my blog, my blog/site is very much open to everyone in the whole world.

1. If you want to receive updates (when I publish a new post), just click the link below:

Subscribe via Email
And please don't forget to check your inbox and confirm your subscription.

2. You can also bookmark my page if you want to.

Hope this helps ^_^

Anonymous said...


salamat sa kadaghan! hehehe

GOD bless

EditorPinoy said...

Way sapayan!hehe
God bless you too ^_^
Visa Processing Tips

Anonymous said...

guten morgen,, i just wanna ask if the german embassy will allow us to get married here with my boyfriend in the first time that we will meet? if we fail to answer their questions, so we have given a chance to have another interview again ? please help me on what to do !!! i will give you my email add.!!! tnx

Anonymous said...

am waiting for your reply and please add my email so that we can chat !!1 tnx

EditorPinoy said...

Halu Anonymous,

Guten Tag!
Of course you and your German boyfriend have the right to marry there in the Philippines IF AND ONLY IF you have all the necessary papers and that both of you can legally marry.

Why would you fail to answer the questions? You don't have to worry about the Interview Questions because it is just very easy.

Hope this helps ^_^
Interview at the German Embassy in Makati City, Metro Manila

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am Tintin
(I am also the last one who posted in the topic Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage)

I don't have any question regarding this matter, but I just want to share my experience with A1 exam.

I applied for a fiance visa last July 2007. At that time, A1 certificate was still not a requirement for applying for a visa. So I just passed the required papers, and just sit at home waiting for the visa to be released hehe

Then one day, I received a letter from the embassy, telling me to go enroll in a german language school and present them the "infamous" A1 certificate within 6 months, and if I fail to pass this paper, then my application will be denied! It was a total shock for me O_O; (Imagine, if you're already 40+ y.o., it's difficult to study and pass A1 within 6 months, so what will be the result? Wasted visa application! wasted time, money and effort!)

Actually, since the law was changed only on August 2007, and I applied in July, which is a month earlier, then I shouldn't be affected. But NOOO...sigh, so what to do else, than to study german language? No choice!

So this poor little being went to Goethe Institut, you guessed it, they have a lot of A1 students, and they told me to sign in the waiting list, but I only have 6 months, what will I do??? I cannot wait until the students finish their 3 month course! I was so confused and depressed and didn't know what to do *cries* since there's no chance to enroll in Goethe, I just enrolled in a language school somewhere in Quiapo, and after school I just studied by myself (also with the help of my fiance) for 1 month from morning till evening *sniff sniff* I thought my brain would explode!

I only had 5 weeks before the 1st exam, and I need to pass as soon as possible, because I didn't want to waste more time than I already did...Fortunately the heavens smiled at me, all my efforts were fruitful, I passed the exam, with just studying for 1 month! It was such a greeeat feeling! My german teacher was shocked that I passed! Even my fiance was so surprised! Maybe it's the highest accomplishment in my life (maybe I am just overreacting ^^;)

But guess what, as I was waiting for the result of the exam (I wasn't hopeful actually) a fellow examinee, spreads that it's NOT necessary to pass A1 certificate if one has a university degree!!! And I didn't know! Why didn't the embassy write in their letter??? 0_0

So this was my adventure with applying for a german fiance visa... *sweatdrops*

Anyway, I applied for this visa almost 2 years ago, but me and my fiance will marry ONLY this year, well It's a long story, but to make this long story short, let's just say that my fiance is not someone who decides to marry easily, maybe unlike others ^^;

EditorPinoy said...

Hello Tintin,

Sad to say but rules are rules. Though you have applied for a visa a month before the rules have changed, it will not make you as an exception.
But CONGRATULATIONS! You are not overreacting. You should be HAPPY! ^_^
Yes you are right, as I have written in this post, you are not required to pass A1 certificate if you have a university degree. (but be careful especially to the readers as rules will always change. They might require A1 certification to ALL without exceptions)
But trust me, you will be grateful that you took the language course when you arrive here. It will be very helpful for us foreigners.
As I have said "Germany is not your country, have a different culture, a different law, a different place and most of all a different language."

God bless on your wedding! ^_^

regz said...

my fiance will coming this august and were planning to get married... what will be the requirements.... and also i have a 4year old son, he used his fathers surname eventhough we are not married. what are the requirements will be needed para makasama ko cia pagpunta sa germany

REgz said...

i met my fiance last february, my sister who live in Germany was the one who make an effort para makilala ko ang fiance ko... this coming august darating na cia and he will stay for 2 weeks only, i want to know what are the requirements na dapat na namin pareho ihanda to get married, i have no idea... 2 weeks lng cia mag stay do you think mahahanda nmin ang mga requirement before pb cia dumating or pagdating na lng niya... after ba namin ikasal how much time ang wait ko para makasunod sa kanya sa Germany? anu din mga requirements? i have also a 4year old son, gamit niya surname ng father niya at hindi kami kasal, do you thing maisasama ko cia pagpunta germany?

EditorPinoy said...

Hi Regz,

I am very sorry I could not answer your question about the requirements needed so that you could also bring your son in Germany. Its best to call the German Embassy directly regarding your case.

I can't honestly say if 2 weeks is enough or not as it also depends on the processing time and other papers that you might need.

After your marriage there is no definite time on when your Visa will be approved. As it will really depend on the other papers that you need. Some say their German Visa was approved after a year, 6 months or 2 months. It is always case to case basis so just be patient.

Regarding the Marriage Requirements please click the link below:

Marriage Requirements

Anonymous said...

good day!
just wanna ask!
what agency who helps you before?
and... some months now we will start to process my fiance visa and i start to worry...
i dont know what to do first hehe!
just wanna ask to what questions did the embassy asked you during your interview?
huhuhuh really makes me stress thinking of this papers specially the german course...

EditorPinoy said...

The name os the agency is Jewel Skies.
Please visit the website

hope this helps =)

Anonymous said...

help me please until now po wala pa result my schengen visa koin german embassy
kapag po ba hindi masyadong maraming tanong sa interview eh denied na at sinabi pa na ok maghintay ka na lng ng 14 days na ideliver passport so sabi pa ok pwede na daw akong umalis
nung june 09 .2009 po ako nag apply

please help me naman po about this i cannot sleep dahil sa pag iisip kong deny ba o hindi and visa ko and planned journey ko po ay sa july 2

EditorPinoy said...

Hi Anonymous,

I can't exactly say if your Schengen Visa will be denied or approved. The best thing to do is to just be patient and wait. Believe they are really busy with all the paper processing. 14 days does not exactly mean 14 days.

If it is allowed, call the embassy.

Anonymous said...

GOOD day!
just wanna ask which part i can read the exemptions for the deutsch course here on the german visa site???

GOD bless

She said...

go to Visa Requirements, click Visa application requirements and forms, under Family Reunion and Marriage Visa click the evidence of Basic Knowledge of German Language, you will be opening a pdf file containing the brochure/leaflet about this BAsic Knowledge the excemptions is on the 2nd page...I also asked for an exemption from the German Embassy early this year because I'm also a University graduate but they can't decide yet if I'm exempted or not because there might be lot of people to evaluate that matter, so I enrolled at the Goethe and I passed the exam, the exam is easy ,I enjoyed the lessons,and it will help us a lot in immersing in the German the way, ANYBODY WHO KNOWS SOMEONE NEEDING HELP ABOUT GERMAN LANGUAGE AND PASSING THE START DEUTSCH 1 EXAM, IM MORE THAN WILLING TO HELP, especifically near my province La Union, i could charge you with a minimal amount of P100

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
Good morning! I would like to make an enquiry regarding how to bring over my Filipino son age 13 who is residing in Samar with my youngest brother and my Filpino daughter age 21.
They are both my kids while i was single.
I married last August 1998 in the Philippines and been divorced to an Englishman last December 2004 in England UK.
I went to England 2000 to live with him,and granted to have an Indefinte Leave to remain in uk last 2001.
After we divorced last 2004,I waited until 2005 to apply for Naturalization and I acquire a British Passport.
Now I reside in Germany since April 2009.
Can you give me an idea how to bring my kids over here in Germany permanently if possible.
What documents do I need and what documents my kids needed apart from there Passport.
I am living here in Germany with my BF.
Thanks in advance,
my email!
I been granted to have indefinite to remain in UK since Febr

Anonymous said...


I found this site by accident, my husband asked me to goggle jobs available here in Germany. Reading all the comments here interest and thought that you may help us in anyway.

I know it's insane for us to look for a job here 'coz we are just holding a visit visa (until aug. 31'09) but syempre pinoy...we also wanted to chase our luck sayang nman oppurtunity and2 na kami dba (-:

Is there any filipino community here that we could go to and ask for their assistance in finding us jobs here? I understand very little German, I am a nurse by profession and my husband is an Llb and nursing gradute, he has various office experience as an executive assistant in manila and in Dubai.

I hope to hear from you sooner...

Thank you so much!


Jacky Lyn said...

im planning to apply for marriage visa but then i don't know which application form im going to fill-out cause i couldn't find any marriage visa form neither fiancee visa form could anyone hep me??i just saw application for residence permit..

EditorPinoy said...


Sad to say I have no experience in this kind of situation which I could draw from. The best place to ask your question is the German Embassy.

EditorPinoy said...

Hi Odz,

Yes there is a Filipino community here. But I am not sure if there is a specific Filipino community here who can help you in finding a job. Most Filipinos that I met here look for a job themselves or found a job because of friends.

EditorPinoy said...

Hi Jacky Lyn,

Please follow this link.

Jacky Lyn said...

thank you for the link we are not married yet we are going to get married in germany so is it the same application form??i am going to fill up the application for residence permit??

EditorPinoy said...

Hi Jacky,

I am not sure if this is the same application form. I think you need to do a different process since in my experience, I and my fiance (before) were planning to get married in the Philippines.

Since you are planning to get married in Germany, it would be best to ask your fiance to go to the "Marriage Office" (don't know the right term) and ask what papers he needs.

clavZ said...

Hi There,

I have been following your site since last year before i arrived in Germany. I just want to share with you an update, I am not sure if it is really official or something, or if it is fully implemented. This is regarding the Exemption to the A1 Certificate.

The Philippine Embassy doesn't recognize that exemption anymore. They said there is a new rule. However, when i submitted my papers, they just said, we will start to process your papers and when you have the A1 Certificate already you can submit it to us.

my visa was approved in about 4 weeks or a month, this was before i took the exam which was on May 8. But I had to submit the Certificate before i can get my Visa. So basically, an A1 certificate is NOW REQUIRED, Apparently ;).

Which city are you based btw? ;) There is really a few Pinoys here that I see in Germany. I am based in Frankfurt


EditorPinoy said...

Hi ClavZ,

Congratulations! You have made it through!hehe How does it feel after all of the things? =) Anyway I am living near Munich.

I am very happy that your visa is approved =)

ClavZ said...


Well, it felt strange at first. It never really became real until I arrived here. hahahaha. Until now, it still feels strange. So, how does it feel? I don't know really to be honest. hahahaha. I was in Munich last week, it was really nice, and hoping to come back soon ;)

Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

hello Pinoy in Germany

HI! Im Mimi from Camiguin . working as a caregiver here in Israel for almost 6 years . I found ur website almost 3 months na , cge ko bisita to know some important details about marriage in the philippines. I have a boyfriend who is a German Citizen iya lugar is Offenbach. We planned to marry sa Pinas next year April 2010 hopefully no probs sa pag process sa papers for our planned wedding. In cebu we planned to process the Certificate of legal capacity to marry.. puede ba kaha na didto namo kuhaon ang papeles? with regards to the certificate of Deutsch 1, I am a degree holder which i hear it na this is one of the exemption na puede mag process without this certificate. Im also worried about this certificate kay wala koy time magtuon since i am very busy with my work here in Israel. My bf and I decided to go home next year para maghikay sa papeles for marriage and as soon as we will get the CEMAR in NSO ipaparocess nako nya para makasunod sa iyang lugar. Hopefully walay problema.
Anyway Pinoy in Germany, im glad that I found your website which really gives a lot of information .. salamat kaayo . May God bless you and continue giving information sigud sa imo nahibaw an. Take care always..

EditorPinoy said...

Hi Mimi,

You can find the information about Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage here:

Regarding Deutsch 1 exception, I am not sure if this still applies today because rules will always change so you better visit their website at for updates.

I am very glad to help you =)
Walay sapayan ug amping pud kanunay =)

mimi said...

Hello again Pinoy in Germany
aghan kaayong salamat sa imong reply .. I told my boyfriend about the information that i've got from you og nagbisita sa xa sa imong website. Nalipay xa for the information that he got also from you. Salamat kaayo. God bless you

EditorPinoy said...

Way sapayan Mimi =)

jason said...

hi piony in german i am jason from jamaica and i about trying to get a german visa as will about to go true the same thing as you i have already started learning my german but there is 1 thing i would like to ask you on the form it said that you had to know the basic knowledge of german and i talk to the lady at the german embassy thats doing the interview and she said that i was going to get a writeing test on the knowledge of german but what i world like to know on the test that you got like what the they ask??was it things like HOW ARE YOU??WHICH MEAN IN GERMAN(WIE GEHT"S DIR??WAS IT THINGS LIKE THAT ??and here is my email address so if i have anything more to ask i wont have to come back on this ( or ( , THANK YOU and take care and stay bless

jason said...

hi Emma i added you on M S N MESSENGER,so we can talk better,anyway you was asking if i knew the Question that is going to be on the test,sorry to so i dont thats what i was asking Pinoy from Germany but she havent answerd me yet it would be soo good to know what they are going to be testing me on so i could just practice on that 1 thing on till past that test i start practiceing different words, anyway i have all my paper works already and i am doing to apply for my visa next week weday,but i hope as is well on your interview tomorrow and please add me on the m s n i would like to know how your interview went if you dont mind.i send blessing to you

EditorPinoy said...

Hi Jason,

Actually I am not sure what will show up in your german language test. But I am sure that there are tests depending on your German Language Level.

Not to brag but I found the B1 German Language Certification Test easy.

I am sure you will pass the exam ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi! pinoy in Germany, i am married to a german guy and i have 1 year permit visa, what are the requirements for aplying permanent residence visa? pls. can u tell me what are those because my husband dont want me to go to school,(integration course) he said i dont need it, for my permanent visa, do u have any idea about this pls. help me, nagseself study lng ako d2 sa bahay for my german language, hope to hear from u soon, vielen dank.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone.....just want to ask is anyone here planning to enroll in Goethi Institute in manila this January 2010? im planning to enroll and im looking for a friend who could be my future classmate.....i want to leanr the german language very soon....

Anonymous said...

hi editor pinoy....

your blog really helps a lot.....

keep it up and mote power...

EditorPinoy said...

Thanks! ^_^
Happy New Year! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hello althely,

Please i need to know if is necessarily to get the certificate of ( Goethe Institute ) before i can get the visa to germany..for my wife is a citizen of germany and i need to know what to do before i can apply for the visa..for am confuse


Anonymous said...


good day!..iim leaving here in germany for fast 3 yrs now,,im finished to with my integrationkurs und B2 für den beruf too. my mhusband is still studying and im waiting too for some interviews,,im 2 yrs in psychology and 2 yrs in nursing in philippines,..but my husband and i planned that maybe i can go back in the philippines and finish my question is my mann hat BaFöG and do have any idea if theres some cases that i can finish my studies with AUSLANDSBAFöG?,,my husband tell me only 80% not sure ,,thats why my Husband ask me to ask here.because he thinks this site help so much to many filipinos seeking for help..thanky you hoping for your answer...godbles!!

Long said...

I have visited this site and got lots of information about part-time job than other sites that i visited

part-time job

Anonymous said...

Can you help me im working here in denmark and my husband is a german citizen how can i get a visa for me to stay in with him. is theres any idea how to process papers here in denmark coz i dont want to go back to Philippines. Help nyo po ako panu po b un?

Anonymous said...

hello po sa mga Pinoy sa Germany....gs2 ko lng po snang magtanong sa inyo, kc po may nag offer po sa akin ng job as a NAnny, gs2 ko lng po itanong kung anong visa kailangan ko iapply, kc di na po ako qualified sa Au pair dhil 28 years old nko, so nanny qualified ako which is until age of 40, degree holder ako...gs2 ko lng itanong kung anong visa need ko iapply at kailangn ba ng German language knowledge?? What if wla akong German language knowledge, does it mean that I am not qualified for the position. Ask ko rin how much po ba ang salary ng nanny sa Germany..Thanks po, sna ma2lungan nyo ako....God bless you all!!!

EditorPinoy said...

We are in the same situation, I only have a limited stay visa but I can renew it always once it expires. I believe after 3 years you can take the exam to get a permanent residence permit.

The requirements to apply a German visa are here:

You are even better than me! I only have B1 German Language Certificate. Sorry no idea about AUSLANDSBAFöG...

I don't how it works if you are in Denmark. But if you have a Philippine citizenship, I believe the link below applies to you. But I am not 100% sure...

No experience with regards to your situation as you are planning to come here to apply a job. But for sure you will have problems if you come here without any German. Better to ask the German Embassy.

Anonymous said...

hi editor pinoy thanks s reply...yes iam a Philippine citizen and my visa will expired in november this year here in denmark.. wala n po b iba paraan pra hindi umuwi ng pinas? salamat po

EditorPinoy said...

Sorry po wala po akong idea regarding your situation...

Anonymous said...

Hi to the Owner of this Blogsite!

I would like to thank you for the help...I'd been reading a lot here before i went to apply for my spouse visa...and in 15 days since the interview, i got my call from the embassy that my visa's now Im here in Germany for two weeks did help me a lot...Thank You...

So some news about me, trying to adjust to the weather and language...I'm going to be enrolled soon in an Integration course. More powers to your site...

EditorPinoy said...

Hi Anonymous,
Nice to hear that you are already here ^_^
Congratulations and enjoy your stay here!

Anonymous said...

pede po magtanong cno po dito ang ngtake n ng A1 exam? madali lng po ba?

Anonymous said...

Hi to the one who posted the comment on June 3, 2010 12:02 PM.

Did you apply for Fiancee visa or German Spouse visa?


federweisser said...

Anonymous (June 21),

I assured n Spouse Visa ang in-applyan nyah... Ang Fiancee Visa xe really takes a lot of time, pra s document checking, etc... At mg-cost p ng mhal minsan, kpag cnu-swerte nga nman! z.B. ngkroon ng ndi maaus n pgla2kad s papers. But, you already submit it na s Embassy! I mean, before mg-apply, dpat alamin muna maige ang mga Requirements... I recommend n, much better n gmitin ang Requirements n nkasulat s German, bco's German Language are really hard to translate tlga... Iba ang meaning s English! LoL! Isa p, much better din n maaus ang communication ng Partner moh d2 s Standesamt or Ausländeramt! Xe they can help tlga pra i-pursue nla ang application moh s Embassy... LoL!

federweisser said...

Anonymous (June 16),

Well, sbi nga ng mga Aleman kpag confusing ang questions "Es kommt drauf an!"... Hehe! Depende tlga, minsan xe my Luck minsan WALA! But, alm moh nman n cguro ang categories ng Exam... Hören, Lesen (which is Multiple Choice yan), Schreiben (Letter Writing) at Sprechen (D2 kelngan k mg-pick ng mga words s paper or cardboard at kelangan mkagawa k ng questions at msagot din ang questions syoh ng ksamang Teilnehmern)... That's the A1 Basic Exam!

EditorPinoy said...

Thank you very much federweisser!
You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT... the most important thing is maaus ang communication ng Partner moh d2 s Standesamt or Ausländeramt! Xe they can help tlga pra i-pursue nla ang application moh s Embassy.
Process is 2 way not 1 way...

federweisser said...

Editor Pinoy,

Thanks din po sa inyo... LoL!
I heard lang kasi sa isa kong kakilala na andito na din, na nag-direct apply lang siya sa Embassy, without knowing ng Standesamt or Ausländeramt na nag-a-apply na pala siya sa Pinas... Then, the German Partner nagpunta na sa City Hall to ask nga about sa application niya... Kasi tumagal na masyado ang processing niya, na very unusual sa Spouse Visa! Ayun! Tapos ng dumating na siya dito para kumuha ng Aufenthaltserlaubnis, sinabi sa kanila ng Ausländeramt na dapat din pala sila magbayad... LoL! That's why I guess mas mabuti talaga na 2 way around ang pag-process... Kasi yun ang TAMA!

Anonymous said...


could you please give me an idea of what questions will come out in the German Language Certification Exam? I am beginning to learn the German language by myself but I do not know what should I study first. I hope you can help. Thank you.

LaGiesbrecht said...

Hi Anonymous!
Here is a helpful link for you to start studying the German language.

Also, concentrate more on the prepositions, gender of the nouns, tenses of verbs,and the 4 grammar cases. Also practice speaking and especially listening to German conversations and writing/replying to an email. You may download the free online exercises in this link..

You will find the different levels of the German language. Try to study and answer the sample exercises found on that link. The format of the A1 exam will be in the same format as in the examples in that link.

You may check out my blog too as I have written some posts about my experience in these learning process. I give credit to Pinoyingermany as my reference when I started out processing my marriage with my German husband as well as my visa processing. Pinoyingermany's blog has been very helpful to me. However, never overlook to check the website of the German Embassy when you will be processing your visa. Because their rules/requirements may change. During the time of Pinoyingermany's visa application, there was no requirement of the A1 certificate. And with my experience this year, they have required for it despite that I have 2 Bachelor degrees.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi LaGiesbrecht,
Thank you so much for the links, I am sure enough they would be of great help to me. Thanks , too for the advice and suggestions. I got lots of important information from your response and I really appreciate your kindness. Hope to hear from you again for some more questions and clarifications. And I hope you don't mind. Thanks a million.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Can anyone please tell me if it is possible for me to get a fiance visa or get invited by relatives to go to Germany then marry my German national boyfriend there? Is it easier or more complicated than getting married in the Philippines or in Thailand where I am working right now? Help, please. Thanks a lot.

LaGiesbrecht said...

Hi Anonymous (August 9, 2010 2:24 AM),
Glad that I could help. Goodluck! And bitte schoen!

Hi Anonymous (August 9, 2010 4:06 AM ),
In my experience, I got married here in the Philippines. Much of hardwork needed due to the papers/documents preparations. However, it only took almost 2 months (after our wedding) for me to be approved with a visa. It could have been faster if I have had my A1 certificate earlier. The process of self-studying the German language and taking the exam at the Goethe Institut delayed my visa. But everything was worth it! Goodluck to you too!

God bless all!


Anonymous said...

Hello LaGiesbrecht,

Thanks for the info. More power to you!

LaGiesbrecht said...

Hi! You are welcome and thanks too!

Anonymous said...

how much it cost to study german language sa cebu? how many months and what are the requirements? college undergrad ko 3rd year college..requirement ba ang ako skol records? which is better mag skol ko daan or magpakasal daan? i mean dili ba ma complicated if skol ko nga dili pami kasal kay inig process nako sa spouse visa pohon iya na surname ako amit pero sa ako a1 kay single pako...ay libog ko oy,,,pls tabang!

confuse flor from zamboanga del sur

Anonymous said...

Hi i have seen this site and i found it very helpful.i just want to ask if is it allowed to apply for a fiance visa without the language certification but to be submitted as soon as i finish the course because i am currently studying the language.

lhen in london said...

Hi, Im thankful that i came across your site, I only want to ask u a few questions..i am currently living in London. we are planning to have a church wedding early next year in the philippines coz i still have a philippine passport., do u think its much easier/quicker if we get married here in london or in germany first then in philippines? (we can go in and out of the countries) im not planning to move yet bcoz my job is here i just need to convert my visa status as soon as possible. and according to the threads, i have university degree (phils) and Postgrad degree (UK) so it means i dont need a proof of german language cert? thank u so much in advance

Anonymous said...

HAllo. Guten Tag.

is the policy of taking the Start Deutsch Exam is required for Austrian Visa? Im really confused if the exam is for germany or all the european countries..

Hoping for your response..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

my aunt are planning to invite me in germany, shes been there for 20 years and german citizen also, she;s married too.. im asking if what is the accessible or atleast easy way to invite me? is it for tourist? or invite me as a family member? if a family member, what is the requirements? ill be studying german language soon just in case. pls advice. thank you!


EditorPinoy said...

Hi Anonymous,
Sorry no experience with regards to your situation.

EditorPinoy said...

I suggest you complete your studies first.

You got to have the language certificate first.

Sorry no experince with regards to your situation.

I don't know what are the Austrian rules.

Sorry no idea with tourist visa.

lhen in london said...

Hi again
Ok im planning now to take the A1 u think it is still necessary for me to enrol myself to a german class or i could just have a self worried because i dont have much time to go to a proper class bcoz of my the exam really difficult ? thanks

Eleonor Go said...

Hi! I would just like to share our company services for those who wants to go through language courses for these purpose :) .

Hope we can help.

Anonymous said...

All of you
i have same situation as all of you mostly have of german certificate
i passed my graduation from pakistan is this rule imply on me>?

Anonymous said...

hi my name is adeel last publioshed msg sent by me
its also depend on luck i failed due to horen test otherwise i have no problem i can pss it if its only lesen schreiben and sprechen based i got 19 marks in my latest test held in pakistan on 18 september plz suggest any possibility for me without language clearence certificate to nprocess stat my visa

Anonymous said...

Hi PinoyINGermany,

You were very lucky that they did not ask for the SD1 certificate from you.

I haven't processed my fiance visa yet and, I myself have a Bachelor's degree from one of the reputable universities here in our country. Nonetheless, months ago, I e-mailed the embassy ahead of time just to be sure that they won't require the language certificate from me too. Unfortunately the embassy cannot guarantee that exception since she said that the decision lies on the Ausländerbehörde in Germany, and not on the embassy/consulate.
So I decided to take a German Language course just to be sure, and to prevent delays when I process my visa soon. I never regretted doing so because learning the German language is really fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

ur site is very helpful...i have a german husband and we married here in phil. i am planning to apply for a spouse visa..i have my bachelor degree and almost 4 years at work now. do i need to submit the A1 cert? i have already some papers from the aliens office in germany coz my husband applied for it too there.

hope u ca help!
God bless!

Anonymous said...

I am really happy to read in this site..really it helps all alot..Yeah for me,recently this mid November I had applied for spouse visa in India..but fortunately document verification was done..So,I just want to asked that what is the procedure after finished the verification??How soon it will be possible??

onething is that,I did Master of Commerce from India..So,is it helpful to get some job in Germany??and I had work experience as an Accountant for some years...Should i have to get attested from Embassy of our countries to get some job over there??but i had already attested done from MEA..

thanks and waiting for your kind help...I am very afraid wat they will decide...

Anonymous said...

Hi Pinoy,

I am so happy to read your site...really you are great to help for others..I am reading your Blog since from last several months..but i don't know how to posted to get the suggestion and advice regarding Visa in Germany??So,when i read ur Blog..Most of them had fulfil their wishes..thats good to read!!!

Here I have same situation who is waiting for Visa approval...Actually I had submitted my application on this Nov 2010 along with all my required document..but they didn't asked me anything while i am applying my application??and Jan 2010 first week,I had finished my verification...

So,now please let me know how much time still i have to wait??

As my husband went there Local Immigration Office..So,they check and told him application was yet not received...

But the thing is that,if possible I am planning to go with him on March 2011..As he got holiday from Mid Feb to Mid March 2011..thats why What is the best way to forward our proccess??

Normally did they call for own partner who resides in Germany??

God bless for all those who have same problem like me..Always waitind for letter...

Thanks Pinoy..Please let me know...
Good Job really..

Anonymous said...

Hallo Editor Pnoy,
Guten tag!
Almost 3 months now when i applied for my family reunion visa. November 15,2010 i filed my application, my papers were ok here and in Standesamt (civil registry in germany). Since i submitted the application, i did not received a call from the embassy (maybe b'coz naabutan ng long holidays ang file ko ng application. Until last February 14, i got a letter from embassy...informed me to submit my A1 certificate. Sad to say, i still don't have A1 certificate because i failed the exam last February. Otherwise, possible sana akong makaalis ng March if i passed the exam. So, i informed the embassy that i would take the exam again. I hope next time pumasa na. I didn't study in german school. Self study lng thru free online learning.
I also think that there are no really exceptions. Kasi makaalis ka man dito sa pinas ng walang A1 certificate, pagdating sa germany required pa rin mag exam. So i choose na dito na mag exam.

Anonymous said...

Mahirap ba ang exam??ng self study narin ako for how many months but hnd parin ako confident kaya ng enrol nlng ako sa March 7 na mgstart klase.. I hope and Pray na lahat kami Goethe Manila kba ngtake?.God bless nlng sauc",)I hope makapasa kna sa take 2

Anonymous said...

mhirap kc kung hindi walang magre retake ng 3x, 5x,or more ng exam. it was my first to take and i got 51 points, 60 points ang passing. sa batch ko ako lng yata ang hindi nag schooling. sa schreiben und sprechen ang medyo mhirap kc you have to make sentence and respond sa post card na mabubunot mo. sa schreiben you have to make a letter.
san kb nag enroll? package course ba ang knuha mo? kung may knowledge ka na ng german, wag ka ng kumuha ng package. ako kinuha ko A1.2 at A1.3 lng, dito kc naka focus ang exam. ang A1.1 ay more on sa sarili mo lng. "introduce yourself, family, birthdate...etc..
sa march 7 start ng klase ko sa goethe manila, afternoon session ako bale A1.2 n lng ako.

Anonymous said...

package course ang kinuha ko...wla kasi akong idea kung ano yung A1.2 at A1.3...most of my friends na nandon na sa Germany package ang kanilang kinuha kaya ganon narin..pwd pba yun ma change??sa Goethe manila dn ako,afternoon session dn.bali mgkano ba ang nababayaran mo sa A1.2?

Anonymous said...

ang alam ko ang package is compose na sa A1.1+A1.2+A1.3=A1 if I'm not bali sa package andon na yung kukunin mo na A1.2 or A1.3..medyo the same lng pala ang exam dati at ngaun..ganyan dn sabi ng friend ko schreiben und sprechen..Good Luck nlng sau

Anonymous said...

hindi ko lng alam kung pwede pang ma changed, e start ng pasok tom. medyo lesser binyaran ko for this "super intensive course", 9,400php excluded ang exam fee and books. sa package course ksama na lahat. before you enrolled sana nag take ka ng placement test para narekomend sayo kung anong level ang pede mong kunin. nevertheless, marami k nmang matututunan sa package course.
what's your name nga pala, room 6 ako bukas, si Herr Elka lehrer ko, german national sya.

ja, you're right. package course is compose of this 3 levels which are A1.1, A1.2 and A1.3. Ang kinuha ko super intensive course.

Anonymous said...

ja..dami ko tlga natutunan..meron dn akong natutunan ngayun na hnd ko natutunan sa online...nkaka ejoy dn Room 1 Frau Aida lehrer qow, german national dn..ikaw ba c Abagail?

Anonymous said...

hi thanks for this site,I just want to ask about my son's case he is a nursing graduate and has a german fiancee divorced with 3 kids,they are planning to get married here in phil, can his fiancee bring him in germany without hassle because she is divorced and has kids? thank you so much hope I can get the answer.God Bless

Anonymous said...

hello :)
kapalan to the max na po ito. what can i do po ba to process my tourist visa going to germany? i have my application form already and some document from the father of my boyfriend.he invite me to come in germany to surprised his son.where can i get my health insurance ? dito po ba sa pinas oh sa germany na po? do i need to submit my application form together with another document or separate po ba? kinakabahan ako na excited. plan ko po kc i will call tomorrow for an appoint to submit my application form.

sana mabigyan mo ako tips about this matter
thank you po

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am an Army Soldier. I will be stationed in kaiserslautern, Germany this coming August and have questions pertaining to a tourist visa for my fiance.

Once I arrive in Germany at my duty station, I will get to work on the marriage process but need to know about getting the tourist visa for her.
My fiance and I have been together for two years here in Korea but would like to get married in Germany due to time constraints. On the list
of requirements on the tourist visa information page from the German Embassy in the Philippines, there are a few questions I have about the
required documents.

1. Since she has been working here in Korea as a school teacher for a church her employment letter will have to come from here. Is this ok?

2. She has been working here in Korea and doesn't have a bank account in the Philippines any longer. With this requirement what is needed to
show her ability to pay her time in Germany? I will be inviting her to Germany and will be paying for everything to support her. Will my bank account and pay stub be OK for this requirement, or just have her open a bank account. The bank account will not be 6 months old in this case.
She will be coming to Germany to marry me so what documents will not be required in this circumstance?

3. Are there any other required documents she will need to have or any advice to make the process more smooth in getting her tourist visa approved?

Thank you for your assistance or any advise you can offer.

Anonymous said...

HI! Im 28 years old and I applied as an aupair or nanny in Host family and I dont know what to do to be able to get me there..thank you

jelyn said...

hello ate!!
my goodness! i was so overwhelmed when i found your site, i hope you will also help me with my problem. ganito kc un, hehe i have a german boyfriend, and im currently studying here in england we are already planning to get married but then he told it will be a long process to get a marriage visa in germany, so what he now planned is for us to just get married in denmark coz he found out its just easy to apply for a marriage there, but then still we have problem, coz we dont know how to sort out this language requirement, im studying and working at the same time, got no time to really focus on studying german language, when i read about exemption, i felt bit relieved, i just hope it will be possible in my case. i have degree in the phils.a registered nurse as well, . this is my question, do you think i will not need this language exam anymore, and also, will they consider our marriage in denmark??? thanks so much!!, if in case ndi ko agad mkita response mo, could you please send me a mail,,. please!
thank you thank you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm a Filipina married to a German nationality and we have an l8 years old son. Came here in Germany last year and also been told to go for Integration course. The same like others, I am also working. And as you said the time and money is also required. We cannot just leave our work for attending Deutsche Course. Even though it is really necessary. I can speak Deutsch already a bit but grammatically not perfect but because I am working in a hotel so it helps me a lot to practice my Deutsch. Do you think that I can have any possibility to be exempt in attending Integration Course because I have a degree and also because of my work?

Thanks for having your website.

God bless

Anonymous said...


Good day! I'm glad to find this site because it gives me an idea also a great help for me.
I am a Filipina working here in Thailand. My boydfriend is a Germany hes lives and works in Munich. I just want to ask an advice where will I apply my fiancee visa? In the Philippines or in Thailand? Also I want to ask about proof of german langauge...Now I'm studying Basic German language course and will be finish this coming first week of October and want to apply for fiancee visa. I have Bachelor degree and Units in Masters. I'm confused about the proof of German langauge that's why I'm studying now for my supporting documents na I have knowledge about German langauge and hope the German embassy will not ask me to take the exam at Goethe Institute.
I hope you can advice me here.
Thank you very much. God bless!


alfeux said...

Hello there!
I beleive this is a useful site and I learned a lot just by reading your post, I just have few questions to ask, It isnt abt getting visa.I would like to know if you know the process of registering marriage at the german embassy.I was married to German national 3 years already and we are living here in the philippines.I would like to register our marriage at the german embassy here in the philippines but I could'nt find the process so as how to make it, I tried to send email inquiring about the process but they send me the information in a german language, I don't speak german I couldnt even speak a single word so I asked if they have English translation of the document but they told me they dont have.I am completely disgusted because they are not helpful.Do you know the process?and the documents needed?Your knowledge is highly appreciated.

German Courses in Germany said...

French school lyon-Every year there are many students who come to foreign countries to pursue a language course.

Anonymous said...

hello!i am kathleen.,4 how many weeks i was frustrate of thinking about the german language course.,i am subject to apply for aupir visa. My host family told me that there is a possibility that i'm excempted for the german language because i am a degree holder., But since i was too confused and don't have time now to go to german embassy i used to research for the aupir requirements.,and i found out that it requires an A2 certificate.,but same as the article i've read for fiancee visa it stated there that knowledge for german language is required.,what makes me confused is your experience for your visa application.,u said lately in your article that a degree holder is excempted.,in that case, Is it possible that aupir visa can also has an excemption from the german language certificate required by the embassy?.,please...please...please help me answer my quesions., is my email
looking forward to hear your responce.,

duluth auto insurance said...

Thank you to tell us so much useful information. So nice sharing. I’m glad to read it.

Anonymous said...

guten Tag! This is grace from davao city, philippines. I just wanna ask if its necessary for me to take german language a1 even im already a bachelors degree holder. I applied as a volunteer staff in one of the company in Germany and the source person told me to study intensively the basic language and she havent told me to sent certification and she already knew that im a degree holder. And told me that she will cater me on 2012. Also my friend sent an application letter and she is a college undergraduate. She replied and told my friend to sent the german a1 certification and process the papers afterwards. Bitte, Kannst du mir helfin? Veilen dank!. I really need your response.

sammy jackown said...

you can get a USA marriage by marrying in the United States and filing for an adjustment of status (Form I-485) to that of permanent resident.Adjustment of status

sia said...

I have applied for dependent visa on aug2011 and till now i dint got approval from german embassy so im really very much frustrated and losing my patience and i have done post graduation diploma in buissnees administration so pls let me knw tat whether im exempted from A1 certificate.

Anonymous said...

i'm a bisayan from CDO, i really appreciate your site and it is very useful specially for us ladies having a fiancee or a husband from germany. i have read here regarding the exemptions of A1 Certificate, unless you are a degree holder. In this connection, is this still applied or existing for this moment, since as i was noticed, that was way back 2008. I am looking forward for the early response. may God bless you. here is my email add:

Anonymous said...

hi,just want to ask if u have a offer of basic german language course in philippines.thanks

FROM CDO said...

Hello po sa lahat!

Gusto ko lang po sana mgtanong regarding sa SCHINGEN-VISA for Germany.

I was being invited po by a german company na pinagtatrabahuan ng Mother and sister ko po,to study in Germany, at sila po mgssponsor sa lahat ng travel expenses at iba pang mga expenses po(as in lahat ng expenses ko po),nag-offer po sila na bumisita daw po muna sa Germany as a tourist bago po daw ako magdecide if tatanggapin ko po ang offer na doon mag-aral for college. Bale ang course din po kasi na inalok nila sa akin is related na course din po sa company nila.

Gusto ko lang din po kasi igrab ang opportunity na makapag-aral for free dahil sila na nga po mgssponsor sa pag-aaral ko sa Germany. Ang plano po sana na bumisita sa germany is this coming May na po, susunduin po ako ng isa sa mga company representative nila. Btw, German JOB CONSULTING company po yung company nila.

may passport na po ako , kaya ang kulang ko nlang po ay visa.

Naguguluhan po talaga ako sa ibang mga requirements po, gaya na lamang ng roundtrip ticket, pano po yun, pano po ako makakasigurado na hindi po masasayang ang pinabooked na plane ticket po kung mgsstart pa lang nga po ako ng application at processing? Hindi naman po cguro masisiguro na ma-aapproved po talaga ang isang visa application po diba? (Hindi naman po sa negative ang iniisip ko po, ayoko lang po kasi madisappoint yung mgssponsor po sa akin)

at isa pa po, itong health insurance po. paano po para magkaroon ako ng ganyan?

Sana po matulungan nyo po ako sa aking mga katanungan po, naguguluhan na po talaga ako nito.

Anonymous said...

Hi .eh papano naman kung familz reunion or Natonal visa halimbawa dependant at over aged na kinukuha ng magulang , ok na zon mag papers bakit kaya delayed pero according to them 3 wks to 4 wks nervous nako kasi booking na yon fligth ko tapos wala pa yon visa ,, saka sana di mag hanap ng German language kc may Diploma at TOR ako sabi nga exemted daw. I need some advice..

Howie said...

i am a filipino just arrived here in Heilbronn Germany, I know nothing about the place and i really wanted to know if there are filipinos living the area or working at the place. I found it very isolated for me and only few locals i can talked with.

Pls advice.
Am Kastell, heilbronn germany

Anonymous said...

hello there, me and my german fiance are going to be married next yr sept...just want to ask if marriage in church is a legal requirement to get spouse visa or they will just allow if we will marry in civil or it doesnt matter where we will be married? we also planned that we will be married here in cebu for church and there in germany civil, is it possible also? hoping for ur answers soon... thank you and God bless! :)

Anonymous said...

my schow money po bang ipapakita sa german embassy ....kapag ng tor

Anonymous said...

hello, gusto ko lang sanang mag ask kung ano po ba ang mga kailangan ko sa pag apply ng visa coz i wanted to visit my fiance sa germany..this is my first flight out of the country so hindi ko po talaga alam kung ano dapat gawin kumuha na ng ilang papers and fiance ko sa germany according to my stay like health insurance sya ang bahala sakin when i get there really nervous about the interview and evrything.sana po mabigyan nyo ako ng tip about it just going to stay there for 3 months anyway.tnx need your reply asap

redberry181 said...

can i ask po...kc dba kasama u na mga anak u nung pumunta ka sa germany? ang mga bata ba kailangan dn mag aral ng german language?

Anonymous said...

pwede ba humingi ng clue sa mga naka exam or sample sa test ng A1, like horen,lesen,schreiben and sprechen,maraming salamat sa inyo kabayan

Anonymous said...

hi, i have a german bf i met online. he doesnt know how to speak english and want me to go in Germany. do i have to trust him fully?

Anonymous said...

Hello Pinoy Editor..

I just wanted to ask with regards to Fiancee Visa if how long will it take to wait, for my visa to approved? Also am curious coz my fiancee told me that there's no reason for the embassy to deny my visa coz the only thing required is the specific date of our marriage aside from other documentations. I will enroll also this Aug 29-sept 12, super intensive course and attend the Sept 14 exam. But am still hoping to have that exemption since am also a degree holder but not came from refutable school. Please I need ur favorable reply... Danke!

Its me,

Anonymous said...

DEAR SIR , I M FRM INDIA , AND JOINING MY SPOUSE IN GERMANY IN NEAR MONTHS , I HAVE TWO UNIVERSITY MASTERS DEGREES LIKE Masters in computer science(Msc.) and Masters of business administration(MBA)FROM UGC & AICTE RECOGNISED DEGRESS ,( AM I EXEMPTED ??? FROM A1 DEUTSCH EXAM OF MMB ) PLS suggest me ur expert advise , thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello... Next week, pupunta po kasi ako sa embassy para magpagawa ng appointment, tapos sobrang stress at kinakabahan po ako, kasi ang dami na nagasto, like roundtrip ticket, at saka ung mga travel ko going manila kasi taga baguio ako.. ang problema ko nagun, ito ang first flight ko going abroad, as in new lahat, ung passport ko kabibigay din, kinakabahan talaga ako,,, gabi gabi at araw araw ko iniisip ung visa kung makakpasa ba ako o hindi, huhu,,, ano po b mga tatanungin sa interview, at saka, malaki ba tsansa ko na makapasa? pupunta lang ako dun para magtour for three months lang.. thanks po, sana may magreply.. huhu


ukactivity sweet said...

German language is required. you should know how to speak the language because you cannot enter Germany if you don't know how to speak their language.. basic is not enough so you need to study it first for 1 month or two. If you need some advice or school which can help you with all your problem! contact us! or visit our site


I am trying to come to Germany for driver vacancy, I holding Indian POST GRADUATE DEGREE AND U.K EDEXCEL 7 (PGADMA). Required any German Language certificate?

Engeline said...

Hello po, Guten Tag. Ako po si engeline, i just want to ask if what level po ba sa course of German language na i need to study for the exam in manila or what are the importants para sa A1? Kasi im verry much stress po talaga about this requiremnts for the visa, kasi needed dw talaga ang A1 examination, ive tried to learn the german language but its realy make me bored and i dont know realy what are the steps for the exam, my fiance told me to leaRN first the vocabularies and i tried it, and i wanted to ask if it is true na kailangan ba na u will have to know 650 german words of the exam? Pls help me for my prblem, ano ba talaga ang kilngan kong pagstudyhan for the exam? pls! pls! pls! help me for this, thank u verry much and im hopping ur responds asap.

More power po and Godbless u.

And also im hopping that u can give me ur answer via email, here is my mail add, thatnk po ng marami.

disastrous said...

Hell Po,

I just came across to your Blog and LOVE IT! you are doing quite awesome things here for all of us, first of all Thanks a lot for all the infos! :)

I am a married guy living in Argentina. Last week we had a great news that my wife got a job in Germany :) and we always wanted to relocate there for our future dreams. The thing that i think i need to give an A1 Level exam to go with her but when I just have 1 month(to have the visas at same time with my wife) to study and pass the exam and that makes me really worry. I was reading your post and I saw that Uni Degree professions not required for that Exam, did I understand right? :-o that can be the happiest moment of my life :) I have Uni Engineering degree from Istanbul/Turkey and you think i wont be required this exam for the Family Reunion Visa?

Thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

Hi there... I would just like to ask... my fiancee is not a german citizen... he is an italian but currently working in germany,,, He wanted me to go there and live with him and get married,, I also have a daughter,,, What would be the requirements I needed for a visa for me and my daughter that is 9 years old... please email me for any help you could share to me.. thanks a lot in advance,,,

Anonymous said...

Yes, Germany IS a different country. I have been living here now 15 months, and was married 4 months ago here. We made many visits to the municipal building for my stay permissions and NO ONE there told us of this GERMAN INTEGRATION COURSE that was MANDATORY (though no one will actually say MANDATORY to your face)..
I have NO issues with learning the language (at my OWN PACE, COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE)... my issue is that they are FORCING me out of my comfort zone MAKING me travel 30 minutes EVERY DAY, 5 days a week (1 hour bus trip either way) to locations THEY SPECIFY for only 3 HOURS a day for these courses!!!! At that rate it will take longer than a YEAR to complete, factoring in all the holidays and breaks here... Then the examination (which I have been told is pretty difficult) with a following Oral examination as well...
I feel stripped of my comfort and safety. I am not one to travel on my own. I had every intentions on taking a course in the comforts of my own small village. I think personally it is wrong to force me to take this course as I have no intentions on working in this country, and my husband has already signed the legal documents that make him 100% responsible financially for my well being and care (which means I cannot seek any assistance of aid from the government here)... Why then is it their business the level of German I know???
I would even understand meeting them half way... Why not allow me to purchase the required texts for this course and I would either pay for a private tutor in my home, or attend a class closer to me... so long as I showed up and took the exam, why does it matter where and how I learn the material??? I feel controlled and manipulated. It puts a strain on us at this point because I often have low levels of iron due to complications of a botched surgery a few years back.. This causes me to often get dizzy and sometimes fainting spells.. I do not feel safe traveling this distance.... If you can believe it... Its easier to trade in your drivers license here for a German one.... there is no courses or tests taken for this, so in general... you do not need to know the laws or signs of the road here.... you can be a complete threat to the citizen's of this country while behind the wheel of a car.... Just dammit.... YOU BETTER BE ABLE TO SAY SORRY IN GERMAN AFTERWARD.. lol... DOOF!!

Anonymous said...

hello po, may german bf po ako, 1st time po namin mgkikita ng personal pero gusto po nya akong pakasalan agad para makarating ako sa germany at magkasama kami doon, ask ko lang kun ok lng ba yun, di ba ako magkakaproblema sa german embassy dito pag kuha ko ng family reunion visa? at 4 years college graduated ako sa isang unibersidad sa manila, exempted ba ko sa pagkuha ng A-1 asahan ko po ang sagot nyo.

Anonymous said...

Hi... Me & My fiance are Indians. My fiance is doing his Phd in Germany and is in his final stage of completion. He is having a student Visa valid till september 2013. We are getting married in May 2013 and I want to join him after our marriage. Is it possible for my fiance holding student visa to take me to Germany? Is A1 certification mandatory for dependent visa?? Am i exempted from this exam, as i am a B.Tech and MBA graduate with 2 years of IT experience in an MNC. I have started my German language preparation and planning to give my exam on April 26th. Should we actually wait for marriage certificate to process our visa or can we start before??

Please reply ASAP... Thanks a lot in Advance.

Anonymous said...

hi, i have a boy friend in germany, then he ask me to come in to germany, so ako ba mismo ang mag aply ng fiance visa dito sa atin sa filipinas? hindi ba ang bf ko doon sa germany? hindi pa kami nag meet in person. gusto nya we get married pagdating ko doon sa country nila. i need your reply and help...or email me


Anonymous said...

Hello.good day..i was applied for an aupair visa..i receive a letter from german embassy that the immigration in germany needs my german certificate of basic knowledge of german language..and i enroll to the west visayas sate university of A-1.1 level for german language.Just want to ask if is A-1.1 level is sufficient already to get succesfully my aupair visa?i hope to hear from you soon.Thanks and Godbless...


Polai Tabilla said...

Hi there! I have a boyfriend in Germany and he wants me to get a fiance visa. Nagmeet na kame sa UAE this month pero hindi namin naasikaso yung visa application ko pero iniwanan nya ko ng written invitation letter nya {pero sa Abudhabi embassy naka address} and copy of his passport. Is it possible sabay na kami ng anak ko pumunta dun? can you please share with me the experience you had nung kumuha ka ng visa mo.. this is my email add Thank you verymuch and take care! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was reading some comments which is related to my situation. I am trying to get my A1 course/certificate for my fiancé visa asap to Germany. We are living together with my boyfriends for 5 years in Global City, Philippines because he was working nearby. Unfortunately, he has to go back to his country for some good reason. I've been in Germany last Nov.2014 and just came back Feb. 2015 for 3 months as "Visiting Friends and Family Visa". Now, we are rushing to apply for a fiancé Visa so we can marry in Germany. We have our own rented unit in Germany and currently he has a Job. We can produced those requirements needed. Only A1 Certificate is one of the requirements that stop us.The registered school in Makati has no slot for the month I needed. And one on one is too expensive for me. Can I possible apply my fiancé Visa without the A1 certificate since I have my TOR and Diploma which I am planning to have it as Red Ribon in Tesda? I have my 4 years course before but didn't finished. However, I graduated my HRM in 2 years. Please help me coz it's stressed me so much about this A1 Certificate. My other concern is that I don't have to renew my unit rented here in the Philippines and dispose all my things. Thank you for taking time to read my message. Hope to hear you soon.

Anonymous said...

sorry.. wrong type.. boyfriend

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was reading some comments which is related to my situation. I am trying to get my A1 course/certificate for my fiancé visa asap to Germany. We were living together with my boyfriend for the pass 5 years in Global City, Philippines because he was working nearby. Unfortunately, he have to go back to his country for some good reason. I've been in Germany last Nov.2014 and just came back Feb. 2015 for 3 months as "Visiting Friends and Family Visa". Now, we are rushing to apply for a fiancé Visa so we can marry in Germany. We have our own rented unit in Germany and currently he has a Job. We can produce those requirements needed. Only A1 Certificate is one of the requirements that stop us.The registered school in Makati has no slot for the month I needed. And one on one is too expensive for me. Can I possible apply my fiancé Visa without the A1 certificate since I have my TOR and Diploma which I am planning to have it as Red Ribon in Tesda? I have my 4 year course before but didn't finished. However, I graduated my HRM in 2 years. Please help me coz it's stressed me so much about this A1 Certificate. My other concern is that I don't have to renew my rented unit here in the Philippines and dispose all my things. Thank you for taking time to read my message. Hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to ask if it's still applicable, A1 not required for degree holders??
Need your help..thanks a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a Bhutanese and my fiancée is from Germany.we have been in relation for 5 years now.i tried for visa from german embassy in india.They needed a A1 german course pass certificate.i took out my time and have done my A1 course in Bhutan and I good passed certificate but that certificate is not accepted by german embassy as they say I have to do course in a goethe institute and when I was there for exam it was completely different what I have learn in Bhutan so I was failed.i am not a university I am doing online course which is really complicated I am not having much cost a lot.i have to apper for a exam again in Goethe institute .is there any solution that I move to Germany first with my fiancée and live there and do the interrogation as I have to pay a lot for appearing the exam.

Issa said...

I can help you for tuitorial.i am goethe passer..just message me if you want to avail my service..i can do also online email me

Issa said...

Hello mam, no chance for i am 4 yrs college graduate ,but still i will get A1 exam.. i am a goethe passer..for the mean time i teach deutsch in language school.i will help you. I have tuitorial lesson. just email me..i give you more tips and pass the exam in me

Issa said...

Hello everyone, I do home tuitorial services for A1 learnen deutsch..
5 of my student pass exam In goethe..
I am language teacher.. i am a passer in goethe institute i will help you to pass
In goethe just email me

Issa said...

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Issa said...

He do first in germany..then here..tpos need mo kumuha ng A1 course..i could help you by that.. also the process just email me..i do tuitorial home just email me

Issa said...

Yes is mandatory😃 you can take the course and exam, to follow the certificate😃 i do tuitorial for A1 deutsch lernen..i am a language instructor in deutsch..passer in goethe just email me.

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