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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Visa Processing Tips

What are the tips and tricks in processing your Visa?
How to make your visa get approved quickly?
How to get a visa quickly?

Please note this: As I have said in this post,
I just follow their rules and guidelines. There are no shortcuts in getting a visa quickly but the TIPS below will help you process your visa. (Not unless your aunt or sister is one of the person in charge in processing visas ^_^)

1. Prepare your documents
- It is always good to be prepared and ready.

2. Immediately process your documents - Do not process your documents later. Don't be lazy.

3. Ask for the complete requirements - Do not just work on the papers because of what your friends told you. Always make sure and follow-up on the additional requirements.

4. Ask to the embassy directly - If you have questions that no one else could answer clearly or you are having doubts on what exactly you are looking for, ask the embassy. Not just do things because that is what your friends told you. That is what you have read in the internet. You "think" that is everything. Asking the people in charge (people at the Embassy) is always the best way in looking for answers.

5. Do make at least 5 photocopies of your documents - You might need these copies in processing your other requirements.

6. Scan your documents - It is always good when you have a soft copy of your documents. When you ran out of photocopies, just print.

7. Back up your scanned documents - Your USB or Hard Disk might not work later so make sure to make back-ups. For example, burn it in a CD.

8. Be patient - Do not ever fight with the person in charge. The counselor in your pre-marriage seminar, the clerks that work on your marriage papers, the people at the embassy, etcetera. I know some of you are very excited to go to Germany or US or any part of the world and you want your Visa to get approved quickly. BUT keep in mind that confronting the people who process your papers will not help hasten the processing time. Chances are your paper will be delayed because the person processing your paper is mad at you.

9. Plan ahead - Don't waste time. Plan and execute your next step.

10. Always check the official site of the Embassy for updates, read a lot from their website - You will never know what additional requirements the embassy might ask you. Like when the embassy required the Certificate of Basic German Knowledge which they asked last 2008.

Delaying to process your papers also delays your Visa. Keep in mind that Time is needed in every action you take. If you do not act immediately, then the progress of your Visa Process will also be delayed.

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Anonymous said... planning to apply for a tou rist visa this summer and i have many concerns.i hope you can give me some aunt and her german husband will sponsor my stay there,but i have worries regarding my application because i heard that they only approve the immediate family.second,i just opened my bank account,how many months is required for the bank statement.And if im there already,can i apply for a part time job?and how can i extend my visa if ever i want to work there for good.thank you very much.
you can email me

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PING_TM said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

Regarding sponsorship, I believe that you are right that only the Immediate family members, who want to get a tourist visa, can be approved.

Regarding bank account, I would suggest you to call the Bank where you opened your account since they are in control with the processing.

Regarding part time job, I am quite sure that it is not that easy since most business establishments or companies here require a Work Permit. (but if you apply as an AU Pair, I believe the family will not ask for a Work Permit. No offense meant, just an example.)

Regarding the visa extension of a tourist type visa, I would suggest you ask your German relative about this since I don't have actual experience on this situation.

Hope this helps ^_^

PING_TM said...

Hi Anonymous,

In addition to regarding sponsorship, I believe that only immediate family members can be approved. But what about Germans who sponsors their girlfriend to come to Germany with a tourist visa (not yet married, not yet a wife)? Not immediate family member right?

So I suggest that you call the German Embassy to make things clear.

Hope this helps ^_^

ocean said...

Hi friend.. Nice info about visa processing.. gud work.. do visit my blog and post your comments.. take care mate.. cheers!!!!

dianavercellino said...


is there anyone who can answer me regarding the waiting time for the family visa to germany?How long will it take to process it?

thank you.


EditorPinoy said...

Hi diana,

Sad to say I have no experience which I could draw from. But it should be quicker than Marriage Visa.

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

hi my employer told me to apply a aupair visa what r the requirements?

Jonimar Misa said...

hello po...

pano po ako makakuha ng Schengen Visa(tourist).
ano po mga requirements ??
sana masagot niyo po ako..

just send me an email guys...

thanks again..

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