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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tips for contacting the German Embassy

Do you have questions for the embassy?
Are you stuck on what to do next in processing your visa?

If your processing your visa and don't know what to do next, it is better that you search the Internet for answers. But sometimes not everything is on the Internet. So the best place to ask your questions are the people processing your visa, which is the Embassy.

I have experienced calling and sending an Email to the embassy a couple of times because I have many questions that only the Embassy itself could answer. And they have answered all my questions.

Here are some tips I share to you for contacting the German Embassy whether via email or phone.
  • Visit the official site of the German Embassy First - the answers for which you are looking for might just be there
  • Prepare the documents - they might ask for your passport number and it would be a waste of time for them and a waste of money for you if you say "...please wait for awhile, I will find my passport first..."
  • List your questions - Prepare what you would like to ask.
  • Ask politely - Speak or talk in a polite manner.
  • Be patient - As I am sure that you can't connect to their phone lines immediately.
  • Scan and Attach files (images) to your email - If necessary to make things clear and it would be easier for the Embassy to better assess if your papers are correct or not.
  • Speak clearly - You should do this all the time especially when talking on the phone.
I am quite sure they receive so many phone calls and have many unread emails in their Inbox so just be patient and wait for their reply.

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Euroangel said...

great info out here!! germany is also beautiful!! happy blogging!!

OrangeGirl23 said...

Hi! What were the requirements for you to marry your German husband? I'm marrying my German fiancé mid this year and the requirements from the standesamt are just too much. Hope you can reply. Thank u.

SweetAngel said...

Hello there, do you have any tips on what to do first specially for fiancee visa? Hoping you reply. Thank you and godbless!

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