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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

11 Reasons why I prefer Travel Agencies to process my DFA Red Ribbon papers

This post is a response to an anonymous person who commented that "you could have went to DHL for the red ribbon. it costs so much less. you've been robbed." You can see his/her comment here - DFA Red Ribbon.

First of all, I would like to clarify that the only location where you can get a DFA Red Ribbon is at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila. Second, I lived in Cebu City so I have 2 options to process the papers: ask help from a Travel Agency and pay 1900 Pesos (or any agency that helps you process your papers) or process the papers myself.

Considering that I lived in Cebu City, here are my reasons:
  1. A 2-way plane ticket from Cebu to Manila cost more than 1900 Pesos.
  2. If I go to Manila, can I really get my Document(s) with the Red Ribbon the same day?
  3. If not (from #2), I have to book for a room or inn where I could rest and wait for another day(s). Therefore another waste of TIME and MONEY.
  4. (from #3) Can I really get my papers the next day?
  5. I don't have any connections at the DFA in Manila, the Travel Agency have.
  6. If I chose DHL, how can I track my very important Paper(s)? How will I know that it is already in the hands of the DFA? Who can I call for follow-ups? Several long distance phone calls from Cebu to Manila? Again, another waste of TIME and MONEY.
  7. I don't have to fall in line for hours.
  8. I don't have to wait to be called.
  9. If something is wrong with your papers or the DFA needed some additional/supporting papers but you don't have it with you, you forgot to bring it or you need to process this additional paper in your hometown, then it would be a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.
  10. The Travel Agency did all the work for me, while I continued working with my business.
  11. Hassle Free.
Please note that these are based on my experience and situation. I am not saying that you should always seek help from travel agencies to process your papers. I believe this is not a good option for people living in and around Manila simply because they are living near. I wrote this article so that people who are living far away from Manila, will have an idea on the pros and cons. I hope these helps.
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Euroangel said...

I agree with you Higala..good info esp. for us who live faraway from Luzon island...i did the same!!

Euroangel said...

sige lang..just be patient and keep going..I understand your situation..pareha ra ta...hahaha...

time to time, all your dreams will slowly come true..just have faith and always believe..good luck sa mga pinoy nga nanimpalad sa deutschland..God bless us all!!

makasuroy ra gihapon ka next time...amping kanunay!!

Anonymous said...


viagra online said...

for I support these 11 reasons, I seem to be well set and weight for all!

Anonymous said...

tnx for the advice.what travel agency did you use in cebu city? where is it located?tnx

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said..

This time you don't need to go to a travel agency for your red ribbon.. coz it's expensive.. just go directly to DHL in lapulapu city(near in Menzi) or in Ramos(near in Diplomat Hotel0.. Coz like me i pay only 800 pesos for 3 documents, it just that you will just pick the documents after 10 days.. just call to there numbers 268-7086 to 87 or 268-7138.. so you will know farther what to do.. and you can save money..

Anonymous said...

does anybody here knows any travel agencies who can process a red ribbon for cenomar rush within 3 to 5 days only?pls help me

ereza masumpad said...

paano po ba kumuha ng requartments ang first time na pupunta ng germany..sino po ba ang una magprovide ng papers ako po ba or ang boyfriend ko na nasa germany..

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the info. Do you know there address?

Liberty Libertad said...

My boyfriend was in Germany and he want me to come and visit him,and he ask me to inquire to German embassy what we should need to do and papers he need to provide for making my visa... My mga idea po ba Kayo? Advice nyo naman po ako?..

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