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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Transportation in Germany - S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Trams and Buses

In this post, I will give you an idea on the types of transportation here in Germany. I live near (around) Munich and the transportation in the other areas in Germany might not be as exactly as what I am going to state here. But I am quite sure that the transportation system around Germany is more or less the same (but not exactly the same as I have said).

What is S-Bahn?
S-Bahn is an abbreviation for the German word Stadtschnellbahn which means "fast train, fast city train". These are Suburban trains that runs every 20 minutes and serve passengers in the greater areas. The logo on the right is an S-Bahn logo. If you see a post with an S-Bahn logo, that means that you are near an S-Bahn train station.

What is U-Bahn?
U-Bahn is an abbreviation for the German word Untergrundbahn which means "underground railway, underground train or subway" in English. These are Subways that runs every 5 to 10 minutes and serve passengers in the inner parts of the city. The logo on the right is an U-Bahn logo. If you see a post with an U-Bahn logo, that means that you are near an U-Bahn train station.

Buses and Trams
Buses and trams serve passenger in the inner city and fill in the gaps between the S-Bahn and the U-Bahn.

Comparison of Transportation System between Germany and the Philippines
  • S-Bahn is like a Bus in the Philippines.
  • U-Bahn is like a Jeepney in the Philippines.
  • Buses and trams are like tricycle, habal2x and traysikad in the Philippines.
For example you live in a province in Cebu. Lets say Carmen or San Fernando and you want to go to the Taoist Temple in Lahug (I am not sure, Lahug or Opra? Yes Bisdak ko! Bisaya kong dako!). First you ride on a Bus to go to Cebu City. Second you ride on a Jeepney to go to Lahug. And third, you ride on a habal2x to go to Taoist Temple.

Assuming you want to go to a certain shop in Munich. And assuming you live in a place around Munich (just like me), First you ride on a S-Bahn to go to Munich. Second you ride on an U-Bahn to go to the inner part of the city. And third, you ride on a Tram or Bus to go to a certain shop in the city.

But of course not every shop or every place you want to go in Munich need a S-Bahn, U-Bahn or trams/buses to be able to get there. Just stating this as some readers might be confused or philosophic. ^_^
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HRI Marketing said...

great tansport system, hopefully in the next 20 years, manila, cebu and other key cities in the Philippines will have an efficient transportation system like in Germany. thanks!

Juan de la Cruz said...

How I wish Philippines will have a Transportation system like in Germany soon.

I guess it will take hundreds or even thousands of years before it will be implemented here.

IMHO, there is no chance that the transportation in the Philippines will be improved. Why?

Just look at the Philippine News and how Government officials suck money out of the very poor Filipino. Here in the Philippines, the rich gets Richer and the poor gets Poorer! said...

good post...verry nice......

PING_TM said...

Thank you guys for leaving a comment!

Agree with Juan, with the current state of the Philippines, it would be very hard. In spite of the situation, I still believe and hope that the country will develop and grow...soon...

goldensparks said...

Hi friend.. Nice and interesting post.. Informative.. DO find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Also i have added you to my blog roll.. Hop you too will do the same.. Tak care mate.. Cheers!!!

Euroangel said...

THANKS FOR The CORRECTION....tamad ako silip sa munich book ko eh...hahaha....wanna xlinks...let me know...

let me know when your done adding and I will surely add you up!!thanks a lot..


EditorPinoy said...

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Marilou said...

nakakatuwa naman ang comparison, but it makes sense!!!

soopahgurl said...

damn i liv in da philippines ryt now nd i hate it to ride a jeep or a bus ahhhh i miss die u-bahn huhuhu

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