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Friday, March 6, 2009

German Language Certificate B1

Guess what? Last week I have just received a letter from BFZ, the school where I attended my German classes. Here is a snippet from the mail:
"anbei schicke ich Ihnen das Prüfungergebnis des Zertifikats Deutsch. Sie Haben die Prüfung bestanden. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!"

Do you know what that means? Here is the English Translation:
I am sending you the test result of the German Language Certificate Exam, enclosed with this mail. You have passed the exam! Congratulations!

I am very happy that I have passed the test. And now I already have the Official German Language Certificate B1 in my hands. What does this German Language Certificate look like? Here is what the Official German Language Certificate B1 looks:

Surprisingly, I have never thought that the grade/test result of my exam is above 80%! ^_^

So, what does that mean if you already have a German Language Certificate B1 (these text came from the certificate itself)?

Zertifikat Deutsch/telc Deutsch B1 demonstrates the candidate's ability to:
  • understand a variety of standards everyday spoken and written texts
  • react to the content of such texts
  • deal with important language tasks that may occur both in everyday life and at the workplace,
  • follow and take an active part in everyday conversations, both in private and working contexts.
telc (The European Language Certificates) examinations are set centrally and carried out and marked throughout the world according to standardized criteria.

This certificate is only valid if it carries the telc seal.

How did you pass the exam?
Well, I just went to school everyday (like I was a high school student), participated in the class, asked so many questions to my teacher, and worked on my home work.

Don't be scared with the German Language Course, I am 100% sure that you will pass the exam. Why? I may sound cocky but the truth is that B1 certification is easy. It is just the basics of the German Language. Did you pass the exam? I believe you did pass. ^_^
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Euroangel said...

congrats my friend...power jud ang pinoy..bisan asa bright proud of you...hala pag german dayun arun bisan asa laag wa na visum2..hehehe..wa lagi ko kakita sa Note...hehehe..

EditorPinoy said...

lamat mam!.hehe basta pinoy power jud bahala nagkagidlay.hehe Note 2 ko mam. wa nako gi expose ako note kay abi pa lang nanghambug ta.haha

Anonymous said...

hello, share mo naman ung notes mo pls....

EditorPinoy said...

Hi Anonymous,

Unfortunately, I don't really have any "useful" notes which I could share to you because we only used OFFICIAL BOOKS, in which all the summaries of every lesson is covered at the last pages.

I am going to post an article about the official German Books that I have mentioned on my future post.

Lahat ng summaries na sa likod ng book. mag add ka na lang ng notes do0n.hehe trust me, talagang hindi mahirap i-pass yung kurso. ^_^ pasensha na sa Filipino ko.haha

Lucy said...

Sharing this very helpful site which is helping me a lot too beside having my boyfriend as my teacher too. :-)


Anonymous said...

i passed the exam too with the note of 2... its easy to pass this exam if you give your effort to learn...

Anonymous said...

hey could you please tell me what does it mean when you have total A2 not B1 does it mean i got failure?

Anonymous said...

hi, I am soon to apply for reunion visa. Does anybody same as I have? Sure there is, could you please tell me if the embassy is asking for the working contract paper from your husband?


Anonymous said...

I have A1 exam on FEbruary 15th , then step I do is my appointment at embasy this coming febraury 23rd. I am 3 years married and we have 1 son.
I hope somebody can help me about if the embassy would ask a working contract from my husband.

Alaine said...

Hi. may i just ask kung ok lng kung hindi sa same school mo yung papasukan ko? and how much is a course for the basic german langguage? im from Isabela province kasi, walang school for german langguage dito sa probinsya namin. i hope you can help me about this, please send me email at hoping for an answer/help. thanks in advance, and have a good day!

Anonymous said...

i will do the test in half a month i really think i have the knowledge but im a little scared about the listening comprehension and the verbal part ... also because maybe i think i lack a little of vocabulary...
what do you advise

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would like to share this to all of you. I just took the A1 exam at the Goethe Institut (GI) Manila last month. I am the highest passer for that batch. I did not enroll in any school. I just had a self-study with the help of my Husband who is already in Germany. He helps me whenever we chat and text and email. We worked hard for it. We had a lot of stress since we are also working at the same time. This website is very helpful as this was my reference for studying. PLUS my Husband have been teaching me the most "common" sentences, grammars that Germans really use.

I am not saying that you don't have to enroll in GI just to pass this exam. I think in my case, what matters most were:

1. faith in God and prayers
2. lot of hardwork
3. patience
4. and most especially love from both of you and your husband.

I had all of these because my Husband has been very very supportive to me.

Not only we were able to save huge amount from the enrollment fee, books, fares, foods, etc. The result was worth it because it came from prayers and faith in God and lots of stresses and hardwork.

faye latoza said...

how many years is the validity for the certificate?


Anonymous said...

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