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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Illiterate people can't become German citizens

I have just received a newsletter from that people who can't read and write in German can't become a German citizen.
Illiterate foreigners are not eligible for German citizenship, according to a German court ruling disclosed Thursday 26 February.

The verdict came in the case of a Turkish citizen who has been resident in Germany for 20 years. The man, born in 1970, was granted asylum by the German state in 1993. He can't read or write. The higher administrative court in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg ruled that it was not enough to speak the language, and said knowledge of written German was a prerequisite for citizenship.

In order to integrate socially and politically, the court argued, it is necessary to be able to follow the media and communicate with Germans.

The case can still be reconsidered by the federal administrative court, on whose related 2005 ruling the judgement was based. - Source: dpa,
So to those who want to live here and want to acquire a German citizenship, it would be better that you start studying or polishing your German skills. I believe you should be able to speak, write and read German if you want to live in Germany. How can you communicate with people if you can't understand a word they say? Not just in Germany but any country in the world; If you want to live in the USA you should be able to communicate in English, in Spain - Spanish, in Italy - Italian, In Japan - Japanese, etc. Don't complain if you are required to study German to get your Visa approved. Don't hate or blame the German Embassy if your visa will not be approve if you don't have a Basic German Language certificate. Trust me, its for your own good. Germany is not your country, have a different culture, a different law, a different place and most of all a different language.
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Euroangel said...

wow love this post...yupeeeyyyyy..i'm literate coz i'm german's more difficult to get the german citizenship now because they have more requirements as before...Deutsche Sprache ist sehr schwer aber sauber!! yatitz naka German man ko uy.....machts gut!! Guten Nacht

EditorPinoy said...

Haha congrats mam! ^_^ Yes that's true, obtaining a German Citizenship at this time is a bit hard and strict.
Die Deutsche Sprache ist nicht einfach...Aber...Ich muss studieren weil ich in Deutschland lebe! sakto ba mam?haha! Gramatik! Gramatik! ^_^

Anonymous said...

liebe editor,

genau schwerig nga.. balubaluktot na dila ko manchmal na bla blakout nako...

Anonymous said...

Hallo Herr Editor

Ich habe schon bis A2 Deutsch gelernt, und jetzt heirate ich eine Deutsche Frau bald. Aber mein Hörverstehen is nicht so gut, Im moment kann ich nur 60% eines Gesprächs verstehen, aber wenn man etwas langsam spricht, kann ich besser verstehen. Veilleicht nach 2 Monaten fliege ich nach Deutschland. So, ich wollte einmal Ihre Meinung haben, ob ich die Staatsangehörigkeitsprüfung nach 3 jahren bestehen könnte, wenn ich mit der Deutschpraxis nicht aufhöre.


Lucy said...

Mein Lehrer ist mein zukunft Ehemann. Ich kann nur eine Deutsch wenig sprechen.

Anonymous said...

You have right what you say, but dont make it obviously that we don't know to what do and what to know!!!

Hindi namin pipiliin to na walang ka alam alam!!!

Ich muss Deutsch lernen aber das ist nicht so einfach.So Wir mussen fröhlich und geduldig sein.


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