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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Learn the German Language for Free

Yes, my post title is right. There are free online German courses/tutorials from the Internet. And up until now, I visited these sites from time to time. I visited these sites because it is completely FREE and educational.

If you try to look or search for web sites that offer free German tutorial, you can probably choose from thousands of these sites. Try searching for the keywords below:
  • Free German Language Tutorial
  • Free Online German Course
  • Free German Lessons in English
  • Free German Language for Beginners
  • Free German to English or English to German Dictionary
  • Free German Grammar Lessons
I have played, visited and learned a lot of things from these sites. But I only saved/bookmarked sites that I like the most simply because it is FREE, clean and fun. Here are the sites that I always visit from time to time:

Of course there are still many better sites out there that offer German Course for free and I will update the list whenever I encounter one.

  • If it's not FREE then you just close your browser immediately.hehe
  • The information shared in this article does not guarantee you to pass the German Language Certification Exam.
If you some sites bookmarked or sites that you know are also a good source for learning German, please don't hesitate to drop a message (comment). ^_^
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Wildan Arief said...

thanks 4 the info..
im wildan from indonesia.. nice to meet u.. hope u visit me back..

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone...

the only tip i can tell u guys about the exam,simply focus on making brief(letter)und constructing a sentence. remember those common german words we learned from school. u could also make flash card and try it for yourself if u could make simple sentence or frage(problem). before taking the exam,make up your mind if u're ready enough.if possible build a group consisting of ur classmates or friends who's also goin to take the guys try to do group study and do what i said(if u want),i mean the flash,myself and i never expected to passed the exam just last 30 june(but ofcourse very happy that i did).PLUS...dont just pray but also believe in urself and especially to god... more power to all...(whatever beliefs)...GOD BLESS :)

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