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Monday, February 16, 2009

Is 30 Days enough to get married in the Philippines?

How long would it take to process all the necessary and important papers to get married in the Philippines?
How long would it take to process papers for a Church Wedding?
How long would it take to process papers for a Civil Wedding?

Marriage in the Philippines takes time. Best case, 30 days would be enough, worst case, 30 days would not be enough. Unfortunately, I could not share any information about Church wedding in the Philippines simply because I don't have any experience. Just Civil Wedding.

All marriage papers that you are going to process takes time and patience. The factors below will give you an idea and approximation on how many days you should consider to get married (Civil Wedding) in the Philippines.
With your 30 days, 10 days are already taken due to Marriage Notice which will be posted or announced in the church. So if you are a foreigner or an OFW (overseas worker), be very extra careful in planning your marriage. It would be best if you already have all the necessary marriage papers and just process the papers which can only be made in the Philippines, after you arrived there. Note that the list I have mentioned above will depend from case to case. For example, if you are a minor who wants to get married, you might need a Parent's Consent paper. So this would mean an additional time.

The wedding ceremony will be held in a court room and it will only last for about 10 minutes. Processing of the marriage papers will take days but the wedding ceremony will only take 10 minutes. Congratulations on your wedding!

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Euroangel said...

will get married again in pinas...hehehe...done adding you diay higala...belated happy valentine's..for sure nag-enjoy ka diha sa munich..amping kanunay..nynyt!!

EditorPinoy said...

Wow, swerti mo naman mam ^_^ Belated Happy Heart's Day also! To be honest, wa pa ko ka enjoy because wa pa ko work. If naa na ko work then that's the time maka enjoy na ko.hehe Hopefully soon. Amping and God bless! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hello kabayan.... i and my fiance are also planning to get married this year in Philippines (Davao City). im working in UAE and my fiance is working in germany. Do you think it will take more time for the paper works to get wed in the church compared to civil wedding aside from having the docs that you have mentioned above?

Hmmm.. miss euroangel, how do you like the snow there in germany? I was there during xmas and new year (Dec2009) and the weather was really crazy.

I dont know and have not seen filipino people there. But it was not boring the family of my fiance was great.

Looking forward to hear your response on my questions... Im really confused about our wedding plan. Noted that i will only have 30 days leave during my wedding time.

Maayung adlaw dha!


EditorPinoy said...

It depends how long it would take to process the papers. And I doubt that 30 days would be enough.

keunna said...

i would like to ask from any german here if how long will it take for a german to get a legal capacity to contract marriage in germany? my german fiance and i are planning to get married and we thought we will not be having problems already only to find out that theres a lot of stress especially that we dont know what to do.pls help us...thanks...
pls send me message to
many many thanks

Anonymous said...

I just want to ask here for a filipina also who got married already a german.kung ano ang mga requirements ko at german fiance ko if your getting married here in Philippines?Please Help Us...THANKS..Please send me message to my email add: ..Thank You

Anonymous said...

hi po im roche from cebu philippines./just like to ask help po kasi my German fiance plan to held our marriage in hongkong this december since hindi hassle kasi passport lang ang need nila.tanong ko lang if may effect po sa sa span ng processing of visa pag sa ibang bansa nagpakasal?may effect po ba sa processing ng visa pag sa other country nagpakasal?

hope you can help me thank you so much for spending time to read my inquiry

Anonymous said...

hello roche?i'd like to ask where did you get the idea of marrying in HK? totoo din ba na passport lang need nila? or if ever na kinasal na kayo sa hongkong marerecognize ba ng country natin ang marriage contract?

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