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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Germany's Top 5 Frozen Food

I have just seen this on TV and I just want to share this with you. If you are a typical Filipino or an Asian, I am quite sure that you don't eat these food everyday. Here in Germany, most people prefer frozen food rather than freshly cooked food. I think the main reason is simply because it is faster to prepare. So here are Germany's Top 5 Frozen Food:

5. das Fischstäbchen (fish sticks)

4. der Spinat (spinach)

3. der Kuchen (cake)

2. die Pizza (pizza)

1. die Pommes (fries)

I am an Asian and I am not used to eating frozen food. I usually eat freshly cooked food. But these frozen food will "come in handy" if you have little time for preparation. For me, these frozen food taste good (especially the cake).

Do you like these frozen food? Or would you rather choose freshly cooked food? ^_^
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Kathleen said...

All of these foods look very delicious and if you combine them with fresh food and try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables everyday it should be OK for a balanced diet. Moderation is key in finding balance so enjoy your frozen foods when necessary just don't use them exclusively. Great tips-thanks!

PING_TM said...

Thanks for the visiting Kathleen ^_^
Thank you also for the great advice ^_^

ocean said...

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ocean said...

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