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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Italian, American and Chinese Fastfood - Which is healthier?

An experiment was conducted by a German show last week on fast food. The experiment was conducted to 3 healthy men who love eating fast food. As I have understood, the objective was to know which fast food is healthier and to know what will happen to them. Every one of them has to eat fast food for 10 straight days. One ate Italian (pizza) fast food for 10 days, the other one with American (burger, fries, cola) fast food and the last one with Chinese (rice, noodles, spring roll, etc) fast food.

I personally thought that Chinese fast food are healthier. But apparently, none of these popular fast food are healthy. The man who ate Italian fast food gets tired easily, the man who ate American fast food gains more weight and the man who ate Chinese fast food developed skin rashes.

I guess the key is balanced diet. "Too much of something is not good". None of these fast food will give you problems if you also include in your meal healthy food such as freshly cooked food, fruits and vegetables.
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manoballs said...

Nice blog tol. from what city in the Philippines did you cme from?

manoballs said...

This is my blog, just in case if you will find time to visit.

PING_TM said...

Salamat sa pag comment at visit mo tol.hehe Taga Cebu ako pero Pinoy pa rin.hehe

Na visit ko na site mo, mukhang big time ka ha.hehe

jers said...

Magandang araw po!:D

Thanks sa pag add ng blog ko po :)
If you time po, have time to look sa mga update.

Mabuhay ang Pinoy!


ve said...

I'm not a big fan of fast food, but sometimes it's just so handy! Besides, who can resist a Doner or a Turkische Pizza every now and then? Where do you live in Germany? (just being nosy) Take care!

PING_TM said...

Thanks for dropping by jers. Ill surely visit your blog. Mabuhay ang mga pinoy! Pit SeƱor! ^_^

Michael chnya said...

I usually visit Italian Restaurants pizza hut for Pizza and other items, great taste to enjoy the dining experience.

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